What Is Your British Royal Name?

Zoe Samuel

Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

The British royal family and aristocracy have been around under one dynasty or another for 1600 years, often recycling names, and sometimes coming up with new ones. Which of these names suits you best?

Do you like change?

Are you the black sheep?

Do you like strong women?

Do you fear throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

Is there scandal in your past?

How do you feel about technology?

What field do you work in?

Are you judgmental?

Do you get on with everyone?

Does everything have to be done properly?

How creative are you?

Are you more town or country?

How well do you know history?

Do you care about the class system?

Do you enjoy thumbing your nose at the Establishment?

How's your etiquette?

How's your integrity?

How long has your family been around?

Do you apologize for your mistakes?

Does fear of failure hold you back?

What one thing is key to your idea of success?

Do you love to travel?

If you're invited to a party and no dress code is given, what do you do?

How optimistic are you?

How do you feel about the future?

Assuming everyone would obey it, what one law might you pass?

What one law might you repeal?

Where would you put your palace?

If you were the king or queen, how would you like to get around your kingdom?

How would you communicate with your subjects?

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