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"Daniel Boone" took '60s TV viewers back to the earliest days of America, where brave settlers forged new paths westward. The series was fit for the whole family, despite tackling tough issues like conflicts with natives and slavery. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the man in the coonskin cap!

Producers really wanted to make a show starring what frontier character, but settled for Daniel Boone when things didn't work out?

Fess Parker played Davy Crockett in a Disney special back in the '50s. Producers hoped to get the rights for a Crockett TV series, but when they failed, they just made the show about Daniel Boone instead. Fess Parker was brought back in to play Boone, complete with his old coonskin cap from his Davy Crockett days.


Where was the show set?

In the show's premiere, viewers learn that General George Washington has sent Boone to Boonesborough, Kentucky, to build a fort. The show was largely shot in California and surrounding states, despite its Kentucky setting.


What was the name of Daniel Boone's Cherokee buddy?

Boone faced trouble from both the British and the Native Americans as he worked to build a fort in Kentucky. His friendship with the Cherokee Caramingo, better known as Mingo, helped him build a strong relationship with the natives.


Which kidnapped president is Daniel Boone forced to save on the series?

After President John Adams gets kidnapped in season three, his wife Abigail hooks Daniel Boone up with $100,000 in ransom money to save her husband.


Who was Boone's wife?

Boone was married to Rebecca, played by Patricia Blair. Rebecca took care of the homestead while Daniel was off keeping the peace and exploring the landscape.


For how many seasons did the show run?

"Daniel Boone" ran for six seasons, from 1964 to 1970. After the series ended, Fess Parker became a successful real estate agent and also opened his own winery.


How many kids did Daniel Boone have when the show premiered?

Daniel and Rebecca had two children, a son named Israel and a daughter named Jemima. Eventually, Jemima disappeared from the show with no explanation.


Who was tasked with building the fort with Daniel Boone in season one?

Daniel always had a buddy or two, but his choice of friends changed as the series progressed. In season one, it was Yadkin, played by Albert Salmi, who helped Daniel with his work.


Which young pioneer fell for an Indian maiden in the season one finale?

Played by Robert Logan, Jericho Jones fell for the daughter of the local native chief in the season one finale. He later became a regular character, replacing Yadkin when he was written off the show after season one.


Which tribe frequently causes trouble for Boone?

While he is friends with the Cherokee, thanks to Mingo, Boone faces frequent challenges from the Shawnee, who are known for kidnapping or attacking outsiders. Of course, the show kind of glosses over the reasons for their hostility, such as the fact that their land was being taken over by invaders.


Which founding father does Boone have a run-in with in season one?

Historical figures appeared fairly often on the series, though the writers often stretched the facts when it came to early American history. In the season one episode, "The Benjamin Franklin Encounter," Boone is almost charged with treason after getting involved in a feud between Franklin and a high-ranking British Admiral.


What large object did Boone have to move safely across the state in a special two-part episode in season three?

In the two-part "The Williamsburg Cannon," Governor Patrick Henry of Virginia orders Boone to move a cannon and its operator safely across the state, keeping it hidden from British troops.


What role was played by country star Jimmy Dean on the show?

Jimmy Dean played fur trapper Josh Clements, who consistently found himself in hot water on the show. In his first appearance, he inadvertently bought a servant girl and was almost forced to marry her himself as he sought out a more appropriate husband for the girl.


Which troubled historical figure hired Daniel Boone as a guide in one memorable episode?

Former Vice President Aaron Burr came to Kentucky and hired Daniel Boone as a guide. Turns out, Burr was planning to commit high treason, and wasn't afraid of landing Boone in big trouble.


What was Cincinnatus' role on the show?

Played by Dal McKennon, Cincinnatus was the local tavern keeper on the show. Viewers may be surprised to learn that the burly actor with the bushy beard also voiced several famous cartoon characters, including Gumby and Archie.


What was Boone's stance on slavery?

Daniel Boone was famously anti-slavery on the series. He routinely helped runaway slaves escape, and even forced the locals in his town to vote with him to ban slavery in a season three episode.


When was the show set?

"Daniel Boone" took place in the 18th century, mostly in the period around the American Revolution. While several story lines are based on the history of the period, the timeline and events were changed by the show's writers.


Which main character on the show had an evil twin?

What's a '60s TV series without an evil twin episode? On "Daniel Boone," it was Mingo who played both himself and his evil twin, Taramingo.


What kind of creature was Rosebud?

Daniel's son Israel had a pet fawn named Rosebud. He eventually had to release the animal into the wild when it grew.


What nearly kills Israel in season four, as Daniel is trying to teach his son to live off the land?

When Israel turns 10, Daniel decides it's time to teach his son some survival skills. Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for when Israel is nearly killed by a rattlesnake.


Who replaced Mingo as Boone's Native American friend after Mingo left the show?

Gideon took the role of Daniel's Native American friend after Mingo left the series. Once a friend of Boone's, Gideon blames Daniel when his son is kidnapped, but is later grateful to his old friend, who helps him recover the child -- and later saves him from a false murder charge.


What did Prater Beaseley do for a living?

Prater Beaseley was a storyteller and minstrel who came to town in several episodes of the show. At one point, the townspeople invite him back in the hope that he can tackle a squirrel infestation.


Which city does Daniel typically head for when he has to conduct business?

Daniel often ends up in New Orleans throughout the series. Many of his trips start off as fur-selling expeditions before Daniel is forced to abandon his business dealings and save the day once again.


Which crime does Daniel Boone convince Ben Franklin to commit in season six?

Ben Franklin is back, and the show's writers have taken some liberties with his good name. In season six, Daniel convinces Franklin to print counterfeit money to buy supplies from British troops.


What role on "Daniel Boone" was played by former football star Rosey Grier?

After a successful NFL career, Grier switched his focus to acting. He appeared on "Daniel Boone" as escaped slave Gabe Cooper, who became an Indian leader after settling in with the natives.


Which president wouldn't have been born, if not for Daniel Boone's matchmaking skills?

Some of the "historic" story lines on "Daniel Boone" really stretched the boundaries of history. In one episode, Daniel and his wife scheme to play matchmakers for a local couple. Without their help, Abraham Lincoln's parents may have never gotten together and the iconic leader wouldn't have been born.


Which character on the show was played by Jim McMullan?

Jim McMullan played Mason Pruitt, a deserter from a slave transport ship who comes to live in Kentucky. McMullan also starred in "Ben Casey" and "Dallas."


What event marks the series finale?

In the final episode of "Daniel Boone," young Israel falls for a girl named Brae, who is the daughter of a drunken sculptor.


Which weapon is most closely associated with Ed Ames, who played Mingo?

In a very memorable episode of "The Tonight Show," Ed Ames appears alongside Johnny Carson to show off his tomahawk-throwing skills. When he famously lands the weapon between the legs of his chalk victim, Carson cracks up, and the bit became one of the most famous moments in the history of "The Tonight Show."


According to the show's theme song, Boone is which of these?

Thanks to the earworm that is the show's theme song, it takes only a single episode to know that Boone is "as tall as a mountain" and "tough as a mighty oak tree."


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