What Is Your Diet Style?

Zoe Samuel

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Everyone aims to take care of themselves, but for some, the road is rockier than others. Whether your diet is about losing weight, accommodating allergies, or simply trying to get enough eating time into your busy day, everyone has their own diet style. Which one is yours?

Do you eat meat?

Would you eat battery farmed chicken?

How much was the person who picked the last apple you ate paid?

Do you get five a day?

What's the dominant color of the food in your favorite meal?

Do you often eat TV dinners and processed food?

Do you know what's for dinner?

Do you prepare meals for the week on Sunday?

If your heart could talk, what would it say?

Do you have a pet?

How sustainable is the supply of fish that produced the last fish you ate?

Do you know what a food mile is?

Do you ever get hungry and then eat something sugary just to be able to function?

How many calories are in a grape?

What's a calorie?

Can you cook?

Do you ever order the salad?

Do you feel guilty about food?

Have you ever lied to your doctor about your diet?

What did you eat yesterday?

Do you feel the need to say you're "adulting so hard" any time you successfully cook a vegetable?

Do you like vegetables?

How long can you go without chocolate?

Are you afraid that your habits are hurting you?

What's the last snack you ate?

How much water should an adult drink daily, give or take?

What's the nutritional value of a Lucky Charm?

If you knew what was in a hot dog, would it affect your willingness to eat it?

Have you ever eaten so much you threw up?

If someone took you to a restaurant that didn't meet your ethical requirements, what would you do?

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