What Is Your Geisha Name?

Zoe Samuel

Image: WikiCommons by Picturetokyo

About This Quiz

Some people have a misconception of geishas as high-class prostitutes, but actually, they are entertainers, artists, dancers, singers, and all-around educated women. Let's find out how you'd fit in!

How dominant are you?

Are you a gracious host?

Do you know your teas?

How's your handwriting?

Do you appreciate beauty?

Do you have good boundaries?

Do you love to study?

Do you tend to know what's going on?

Do you have a quick wit?

How stylish are you?

Are you good at painting and drawing?

Are you a good listener?

Are you politically minded?

Do you know how to flatter?

Be honest: how manipulative are you?

Do you love history?

Do you play an instrument?

Are you a good teacher?

Can you usually find the positive in a situation?

Do you love to introduce people to each other?

How steady are your hands?

Are you good at doing repetitive tasks?

Do you cherish tradition?

Do you like to be the center of attention?

How long have you been working in your field?

Do you exude authority?

Do you like to spend time alone?

How tolerant are you?

Do you like to be around lots of people you don't know?

Are you adaptable?

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