What Is Your Leadership Personality?

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Today's workforce is changing in leaps and bounds. As a leader, are you ready to adapt to these changes or continue doing things the old-school way? The answer here lies in what kind of leadership personality you possess.

Speaking on what kind of leadership the world needs, a Bill Gates quote comes to mind which says "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." Essentially, this means a boss should know how to treat employees better. They should have a clear understanding that their company's mission-vision should include their employees' welfare.

In a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, respondents identified seven important leadership traits they think mattered the most in today's workforce. On the top of that list is being honest. There's nothing like transparency to make your day, doesn't it? Who wants to work with a dishonest individual, anyway? 

Next on that list is intelligence. This is where you'll see that a boss still needs to be a visionary. The leader needs to know how to be smart in making crucial decisions for the company and its employees. In connection with that, being decisive and organized rank third and fourth, respectively, in that survey list. 

Going back to Gates' quote, to empower employees means to be compassionate about them, too. That's the sixth survey result. The seventh is being ambitious. There's nothing like a stagnant boss to disempower and discourage employees from doing their best. 

Based on these traits, what kind of leadership personality do you think you have? Go take the quiz and see!

It's your first day of being the new boss, and you just took over your office room from someone else. What's your first order of business?

Do you encourage employees to get out of their comfort zones and take on tasks they might succeed in?

When you see an employee who's not at their desk or cubicle, what's your first thought about it?

An employee politely declined your suggested reassignment for them. How will you react?

You already moved a pending meeting with a team twice. When they asked for a third reschedule, what do you tell them?

Someone applies for a vacation leave. What do you say?

The receptionist took a quick restroom break. You happened to be at the reception desk when a guest came into the office and tried to ask you something. What's your reply?

In a meeting, your staff produced better ideas than you. How will you react to this?

An important meeting is about to start. Your new hire doesn't know yet if they're supposed to attend or not. How will you handle the situation?

There's an arrogant job applicant you know who directly went to you and said one of your managers wouldn't hire them for some reason. What's your course of action here?

The company announced they will give limited bonuses for certain individuals only this quarter. How will you distribute it?

Your staff worries about taking on the direction you want in a project because it's not profitable but only charitable. What's your reaction to their feedback?

It's beyond 6 p.m. already but you're still there in your office. Your staff feels hesitant to leave. What do you do?

In a feedback report, an employee expressed an interest in learning a new skill in another department within your company. What will you do?

Christmas holidays are coming up but you've got a limited budget for giving gifts to clients and employees this year. What preparation will you do?

A key employee suddenly calls in sick on a big presentation day. How will you react?

Before getting promoted as a boss, several coworkers suddenly became close to you and pandered to your interests. When you become the boss, what will you do to these coworkers?

A pending event spearheaded by a specific department is in danger of failing. What do you do as the boss?

When planning for a team building event, one employee tells you "I don't need to attend that to do my job well." How will you react?

You delegated specific duties to key people for a big event. Will you be at peace with that decision?

A fight suddenly broke out between two employees. How will you handle the situation?

Higher management lauded an idea you presented. But your immediate employees know that this idea came from one of them during your brainstorming session. How will you handle it?

When a certain department complained of you playing favorites and leaving them out sometimes, how will you address this concern?

Your longtime industry pal submitted a project proposal that your younger employee didn't recommend for funding. When your pal complained to you, what will you do?

Someone anonymously accused you of being power-hungry. What will you do?

An employee quietly approached you and asked permission to go home early; there was a death in their family. What will you say?

After performance evaluation sessions, one employee came up to you to complain and even cried about their poor assessment result. How will you handle it?

One of your employees won an award for their after-office hobby or artistic work. How will you react?

You saw a promising project idea from a new employee but they're shy to present it. What will you tell them?

There's a brilliant and hardworking longtime employee who's underperforming lately. Will you recommend for their immediate termination?

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