Quiz: What Is Your Lord of the Rings Spirit Animal?
What Is Your Lord of the Rings Spirit Animal?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: New Line Cinema

About This Quiz

With so many creatures in the Tolkien universe, it can be hard to determine which of them is your spirit animal. Luckily there's this quiz to help you figure out which one it is!

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Which part of Middle Earth would you like to live in?

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Which character would you hang out with?

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What species would you be from?

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What would you do with the One Ring of Power?

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You’re headed off on an adventure, who will you be taking with you?

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Which of these jobs would you have?

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What color backpack will you be carrying around Middle Earth?

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Which weapon would you use to defend yourself?

11.0 of 30
Which of these words best describes you?

13.0 of 30
Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

14.0 of 30
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much of a temper do you have?

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Which of the seven sins gets the best of you?

16.0 of 30
What do people like about you?

17.0 of 30
What do you desire most?

18.0 of 30
What do you like to do in your free time?

19.0 of 30
Which of your senses is most dominant?

20.0 of 30
Which super power would you have?

21.0 of 30
Which language would you prefer to learn?

22.0 of 30
Which element are you drawn to?

23.0 of 30
Which of these would you have for breakfast?

24.0 of 30
What kind of candy do you like to snack on?

25.0 of 30
Your friends are having a party, what are you responsible for?

26.0 of 30
You find a wallet with $1,000 in the bathroom, what do you do?

27.0 of 30
Someone has just attacked your best friend; how do you react?

28.0 of 30
Which of these would you never leave home without?

29.0 of 30
Which of these TV shows do you watch?

30.0 of 30
Which of these animals would you adopt?

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