What Is Your Witch Aura?

E-maginne Grant

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About This Quiz

An aura can be described as an energy field that surrounds any individual or living thing. It is sometimes seen as a luminous body. Every living thing has an aura. Even plants and trees have a slight aura, though not as strong as humans'. Auras come in colors, and your personal aura depends on factors such as your birthday, sign and energy source. Some people even have more than one aura. Take this quiz to find out what your aura is. Whether you're a witch or not, your results will be surprisingly accurate, almost like magic. 

Have you ever dabbled in witchcraft? If you haven't and you're thinking about it, you might want to take this quiz before you do. Knowing your aura can be helpful in your Wiccan life and your everyday life, helping you to stay away from certain energy forces that could threaten your peace and power. 

Are you more connected with the ocean or the sun? Tell us your preference, and we'll tell you what your witch aura is and what different elements in life might pose a threat to the brightness of your aura. Everyone wants their aura to shine bright — that is the only way to release its true power within you. This quiz is fun, harmless and insightful. 

Which word would you pick to describe your personality?

Which word would you pick to describe your evil side?

What location would you go to for peace?

If you needed to calm an overactive mind, which spell would you cast?

If you could, would you cast a spell as revenge?

Where would you go to have some unapologetic fun?

Which natural element drives you?

What type of magic spell would you cast with a rock, a single leaf and salt?

If you could wake up in your dream career tomorrow, what would it be?

Where do you go to find the answers to life?

Which season are you most comfortable in?

What type of weather empowers you?

What position do you play in your social life?

Would it be safe to call you intuitive?

Does it matter to you what others think about you?

What is your favorite color?

Do you feel the need to explain your spiritual beliefs?

Which of these crystals do you feel more connected to?

How would you choose to connect with your ancestors?

Are you a night owl?

Do you believe in gods or goddesses?

Out of these options, which one relaxes you the most?

What holiday is your favorite?

What main ingredient would you use to cast a love spell?

Can you pick the ingredient you would use to cast a prosperity spell?

Which one of these superstitions do you believe in?

Tell us, is there a superstition that you believe brings good luck?

What famous witch do you identify with?

If you were a witch (or if you already are one), which type would you be?

What is your favorite flower?

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