What Kind of Golf Club Are You?

Steven Miller

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About This Quiz

Each type of golf club has unique characteristics that make it stand out from the rest of the bag. In this quiz, we'll examine which club fits your personality the best.

What part of a round of golf is most interesting to you?

What word best describes your golf temperament?

How much preparation do you do for an important round of golf?

Which golf movie do you like the most?

Which PGA past champion appeals to you more?

Which current PGA star is most appealing to you?

Which famous golf course is most appealing to you?

What brand of golf ball do you prefer?

Which hole description will highlight your strengths the most?

Which day of a golf tournament best fits your personality?

What is the strength of your golf game?

How good are you at reading greens?

How good is your wedge game?

How are you with your irons?

How are you with your driver?

Which challenge on the golf course would you rather face?

How tall are you?

When you hit a bad shot, how do you usually react?

You pull off a great shot, how do you react?

What is your beverage of choice during a round of golf?

Do you prefer fast or slow greens?

Who do you prefer to play golf with?

How strictly do you play by The Rules of Golf?

What time of the day do you prefer to play golf?

What kind of irons do you play with?

How important is golf etiquette to you?

Which situation is more salivating for you?

Where do you tend to lose your focus in a round of golf?

Do you have a pre-shot routine?

Do you prefer to walk or ride when you play golf?

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