What Kind of Motorcycle Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Like people, motorcycles have personalities. Don't believe us? Just ask anyone who has had a breakdown on the side of the highway after cursing at their bike for making a sound. Which motorcycle are you?

What type of job do you work?

What industry are you in?

How ambitious are you?

How much free time do you have?

Do you have a lot of friends?

Where do you live?

Do you spend a lot of time traveling?

Do you spend a lot of time with family?

Do you pay much attention to politics?

Are you religious?

How much of your budget do you spend on your rent or mortgage?

How fashionable are you?

Which TV show do you like best?

Which movie do you like best?

Do you like to fuss with technology?

Are you in a relationship?

Which comic book hero do you like best?

Which comic book villain do you like best?

How often do you eat out?

What would be your ideal vacation destination?

Which hobby would you like to do?

Which gambling game would you play?

Have you ever been on a motorcycle?

How educated are you?

What kind of mobile phone do you use?

What kind of computer do you use?

How expensive are your shoes?

How good are you with money?

What kind of car would you have?

If you couldn't live in the USA, which country would you live in?

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