What Kind of Cat Matches You?

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It's not hard to spot a cat person, and not just because of the telltale fur on their clothes. If you're a cat person, you wear that cat fur proudly! But other traits generally fit the average cat person: sensitive, artistic, introverted, calm, the kind of person who loves to curl up under a blanket with a good book, a cup of tea and a warm kitty in their lap. Ah, heaven!

That's not to say that cat people can't have their wild side, too. When we're talking about cats, after all, we're talking about mammals from the same family as the majestic lion, the cunning tiger, the ferocious leopard and the swift-footed cheetah. And if you've ever observed a cat for an extended period of time, you know that they have the soul of a hunter and the unflinching ability to pounce on what they want. Perhaps, as a cat person, you possess the same insatiable drive that enables you to tackle whatever challenge comes your way.

So the question remains: what kind of cat matches your personality? Are you the kind of cat that lounges on the furniture like royalty or the agile, acrobatic cat who dazzles everyone with playful antics? Start the quiz to find out!

In high school, you were which of the following?

If you could pick a new color scheme for your home, what would it be?

It's Friday and you finally get off work. What are you going to do next?

It's movie night! You always choose what kind of flick?

You feel most comfortable in which type of environment?

You have to name one weakness in a job interview. What would yours be?

A new neighbor moves in. What do you do when you see them?

Yikes, you just had a nightmare! What was it about?

Which "Breakfast Club" character are you?

Your birthday's coming up. What's on your wish list?

How do you entertain yourself on a long flight?

If you could go anywhere for your dream vacation, where would it be?

You and a coworker are having a heated disagreement. There's only one thing to do ...

Sigh, it's chore day. You spend the most time and energy cleaning what?

What trait in others do you find most annoying?

There's a costume party this weekend, and you're definitely going to turn heads. What's your costume?

What do you do when you're assigned a big project?

Your significant other is late to a date. When they finally arrive, you do what?

If your teachers were being brutally honest, what would they write on your report card?

A soundtrack of your life would have to include which Disney song?

Which "Winnie the Pooh" character do you most identify with?

The teacher steps out of the classroom for a minute, so you do what?

Ugh, you're stuck at home sick. Now what do you do?

When you're getting your hair cut, do you talk to the hairdresser?

If you had to describe your greatest trait in one word, what would it be?

You pick up some take-out from your favorite restaurant, but when you get home, you see that the order is wrong. What now?

Life is like a game of chess, and you're which piece?

You're playing Monopoly with your friends, and they know you have to have your favorite piece. Which is it?

Avengers, assemble. Your superpowers would definitely be what?

If there's one thing that gets your goat, it's which of these?

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