What Kind of City Do You Thrive In?

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While many of the world's major cities have a lot in common, there are a lot of differences too. Just because you can find a Starbucks in hundreds of cities around the world doesn't mean that they are all the same. Cities have different histories, triumphs, problems, and mixes of cultures. Some are huge international hubs where you can find almost anything and everything you could imagine, and others are smaller and more laid back and tend to fall below the radar, which is just how the inhabitants like it. 

Around the world, there are all sorts of cities, from the big to the small, from the recently built to ones that have been settled in some form for thousands of years. Each has its unique charms and offerings. Just because the crowded streets of Tokyo might be too much for you doesn't mean that you wouldn't love the quiet and winding streets of Sevilla, Spain. If Moscow is way too cold for you, that doesn't mean you wouldn't love the eternal summer of the hot and beachy Los Angeles.  

So, which kind of city do you truly thrive in? Find out what city is your real-life soulmate with this very metropolitan quiz! 

If someone told you not to go to a city because it's dangerous, what would you likely do?

Which pace of life appeals to you most?

Has your taste in food changed a lot since you were a kid?

Do you enjoy eating in restaurants that are quite dark inside?

How important is public transportation to you?

Do you like crowds?

Can you sleep if it's noisy outside?

Which city appeals to you most?

Have you ever modified your diet by trying out any of these?

How do you feel about fusion restaurants?

How important is it to you that where you live has an independent art scene?

Of these American cities, which would you rather visit?

What kind of coffee do you like best?

How much of a food snob are you?

Would you ever go on a cruise?

If you were to travel, what would be the reason?

How do you feel about avocado toast?

Have you ever enjoyed going clubbing?

What is your ideal living situation?

What sort of design appeals to you most when it comes to home decor?

How would you describe most of your friends?

Do you need a big living space?

What pet would you rather have?

Which describes your energy level best?

How much of a planner are you?

Do you fall in love fast?

What kind of music do you like best?

Which of these activities is more relaxing to you?

Do you think crystals can really help and heal people?

Which social media site is your go-to?

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