What Kind of Combat Pilot Are You?

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United States Air Force pilots have a lot demanded of them. They needn't come from the Air Force Academy in Colorado, but they need to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university since that is a requirement for being an Air Force pilot. Once in training with the USAF, pilots receive training in evasion and survival in the event they crash behind enemy lines, various types of "equipment," which generally translates as different kinds of aircraft and avionics, and, of course, combat tactics. 

Some combat flight maneuvers go back to the early days of aviation with remarkably few changes, while others are new, and only possible because of the capabilities of modern aircraft. Still, many of the tactics used in air-to-air combat and warfare conducted by the USAF go back to Genghis Khan and the strategies he used with his Mongol cavalry.

Then there are the kinds of pilots. Combat pilots include a myriad of roles, from overtly combat roles, like pilots who conduct bombing runs, to pilots of specialist aircraft, to pilots with specialist roles as part of a team, sometimes operating highly specialized and even secret military equipment. Some pilots aren't anywhere near the battlefield at all! So the question is, where would you fit? Take this quiz and find out!

When swimming, what is your preferred stroke?

At which of these sports are you most talented?

To which of these academic subjects are you best suited?

What is your weakest communication skill?

How long can you hang around waiting for a bus before you just call a taxi in frustration?

How well do you adapt to foreign travel?

How quickly do you adapt when your computer or phone updates its operating system?

How easily do you interface with old technology, like computers from the 1990s?

How comfortable are you with needing other people in order to function?

How often do you follow friendly advice?

Which of the following games you might play in your home is your strong suit?

How are you accustomed to doing business with people who are very far away from you?

How much time are you willing to spend in secondary education?

This might feel a little personal, but how tall are you?

What do you do to stay fit?

How do you cope with machines that act up when you use them?

How much distance do you like between yourself and your boss when you're on the job?

How important to you is your physical comfort in the workplace?

How important is it to you that you're the one on your team with the most control?

How good are you at improvising when all the decisions are up to you?

If you were beginning a class in air-to-air combat strategy, what would you make sure to bring to your first class?

When you're driving a car, how often do you check your rear view mirrors?

What item are you most likely to accidentally leave at home when going on a business trip?

How do you prefer to take photos that really matter, like the ones in your family albums?

What tends to make you airsick?

Would your friends describe you as a type-A personality?

Where do you draw the line as to how much animal it takes to freak you out?

How much time do you like to spend outdoors?

What kind of flight experience do you already have?

In which of these vehicles does the idea of driving at 200 mph scare you the least?

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