What Kind of Dog Matches You?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

The USA is a truly dog-loving nation. Over a third of households - more than 43,000,000 - have a canine companion, and because some of these households have two, three or four dogs, that means there are nearly 70,000,000 dogs in the country! So no matter who you are and what you are like, there is a dog out there who has a personality that would make them that particular pooch the ideal pal for you.

Your doggie match will think the way you do. They will be happy when you are happy, not just because you're happy (as all dogs can pick up on such things), but also because the thing that made you happy also delights them. They will share your fears and your hopes. They will want to exercise exactly as much as you do and avoid very hot or cold weather, just like you. They will share your opinion of the other dogs at the park and protect your home because it is the perfect home for them. People who see you together will say, "Wow, dogs and their owners really do start to look like each other."

Which dog would be all of these things to you? It's time to find out.

Are you just the warmest, cuddliest person in the world?

How often are you described as "feisty"?

What's your take on the great outdoors?

Would you like a nap?

If you go to a party, how quickly do people approach you?

What size shoe do you wear?

How many very pricey jackets are in your hall closet right now?

Be honest: how emotionally needy are you?

What unreasonable fear do you have that you just can't kick?

What is your favorite toy to play with?

How much exercise is simply too much?

Have you ever hunted your own dinner?

How often do you deliberately get away with stuff because you're cute?

Do people tend to assume you are more or less intelligent than is the case?

Would you prefer your favorite hobby or a snack?

When you are upset, how do you show it?

What one accurate assumption do people make about you at a glance?

Have you ever been in a fight, and if so, how did it go?

Do you just love everyone you meet?

After you have used the bathroom, what does it look like in there?

Where would you go for a lovely day trip with the fam?

Would you like to go on a car ride?

Be honest: how spoiled are you?

Do you mind looking silly to make people laugh?

How big is your social media following?

When you've done something naughty, how would someone know if they didn't see you do it?

Where is your favorite place to snuggle?

What slightly neurotic habit can you not quite shake?

If there is food and you're not hungry, do you eat anyway?

What surprising physical thing can you do?

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