What Kind of Doll Will You Possess When You Die?

Zoe Samuel

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If movies have taught us anything, it is that there is a long and proud tradition of dead people inhabiting dolls and creeping everyone out. The prominent example is Chucky, the serial killer star of the "Child's Play" movies. Others include "Dead Silence," from the makers of the "Saw" movies, "Dolls" in 1987, "Puppetmaster" in 1989 and "Annabelle" in 2017. 

Indeed, movies are replete with toys that come to life one way or another, whether it's due to a spell like in "Bedknobs & Broomsticks," or due to military-grade software, as in "Small Soldiers." Some of these animated figurines are benevolent, while others are set upon revenge, destruction or the administration of justice.

This means that should you find yourself departing this life in an untimely and premature manner, whatever your unfinished business, you will be able to find a corporeal form that you can inhabit, that will suit your personality and the particular mission you need to accomplish. Perhaps it will be a creepy Victorian doll with painted porcelain features. Maybe it will be something altogether furrier and cuddlier. Either way, tell us a little about yourself, and we'll figure out exactly where your roaming spirit will find its temporary plastic home. Let's get started!

What unfinished business will your ghost address first?

Who will you try to drive insane?

How long will you possess the doll?

Who will play with the doll?

Who currently owns it?

When was your future doll home made?

What did it cost to buy new?

Who will you tell that you are inside the doll?

Are you going into the doll by choice, or is someone sending you?

What evil powers will you have when you are possessing the doll?

Would you consider using your powers for good?

Will you work with any other possessed items?

Do you currently own any items you think might be possessed?

What sort of games do you currently play with your dolls?

How old do you expect to live?

What will your signature weapon be?

Who will you have to avoid, so that they cannot force you to pass on?

What will your possessed doll catchphrase be?

Which famous movie about possession inspires you most?

What sort of neighborhood do you live in?

When you were little, did you have to put away your toys every night?

Which story about toys coming to life do you like the best?

Do you tend to follow the trends?

Who is your worst enemy in this life?

What will your possessed doll do just to make people feel slightly weird?

How will you fly around terrifyingly?

Will you let your dog know that you are now in doll form?

What will be your ghost weakness?

Who would direct the movie of your haunting activities?

If your doll self is unable to talk, how will you communicate with the living?

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