What Kind of First Date Are You?

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No matter how old you are, first dates can make you feel as awkward as any middle-schooler. Even if you have every reason to feel confident, such as good looks or a successful career, it's still hard to go somewhere and try to impress someone you've never met before. Anxious thoughts may race through your mind, such as, "What if I say the wrong thing? What if they think I'm boring? Why did I leave the safety of my house to do this?"

Here's the good news — we all feel your pain. No one likes first dates, so if you're dating-averse, you're in good company. However, you may hate first dates for a reason that goes beyond typical first date anxiety: your dating skills need work. If you want to find out whether your dating skills are up to par, this quiz can help. 

We're going to ask you how you'd handle several first-date situations, such as a messy spaghetti dinner, an argument over the split check, the good night kiss and more. Be honest! In return, we promise to tell you whether you're a dream date or a work-in-progress. Ready to find out the truth? It's time to get quizzing!

What do you usually wear on first dates?

Your date is late. How do you feel about this?

Upon seeing you, your date says, "Wow, you're a lot cuter than I thought you'd be." What do you say back?

Let's say your date shows up to pick you up on a moped. They want you to ride on the back, without a helmet. What do you do?

You get to the restaurant that you and your date agreed to meet at, and discover it's closed. Your date proposes bowling. What do you say?

When your date takes their coat off, you realize they're wearing an extremely suggestive outfit. What's your reaction?

After talking about the weather, you and your date are out of stuff to say. What do you do next?

Imagine that your date wants to meet at a really out-of-the-way spot. They're wearing sunglasses and seem anxious not to be recognized. What's your first thought?

When you're on a first date, how often do you bring up your past relationships?

Your date is really interesting, but they never ask you any questions about yourself. What do you do to get a word in edgewise?

If a love interest shows up with flowers on the first date, how does that make you feel?

Your date took you out for a messy spaghetti dinner, and now your favorite shirt is ruined. Is this date ruined too?

As the date progresses, you realize that your date really likes you. Unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. What's your move?

While talking about music, your date reveals that they hate country music. You're a country musician. Can this relationship possibly work?

Imagine that you and your date are going to a movie after dinner. You thought it was a comedy but it turns out to be extremely NSFW. What do you do?

Some people get through first dates by "interviewing" others while not revealing much about themselves. Have you ever done this?

Let's say that the waiter spills water on your date by accident and your date viciously snaps at them. Is this a deal-breaker?

Your date confesses they just got out of a serious relationship and this is their first date in a long time. What's your move?

If you're not immediately attracted to a date, do you write them off as a romantic prospect?

Imagine that your date is visiting from out of town. Where do you take them?

While you're eating dinner, your date keeps trying to find out how old you are. How do you respond?

Your date keeps saying that they "really feel connected to you." They then reveal some dark personal information. How do you respond?

Would you ever go out on a first date on Valentine's Day?

Imagine you're a writer. Do you think it would be a good idea to show your date some of your work?

When the time comes to order your dessert, your date looks you over and says, "I don't think you need any." What do you do?

Your date wants to split the check. Does this mean they don't really like you?

After finishing dinner, your date invites you to hang out with their friends at a nearby house party. What do you say?

How do you know you should go in for a goodnight kiss?

The next day, your date sends you three separate "hey you" texts. Is this a deal-breaker?

Do YOU think you're good at first dates?

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