Quiz: What Kind of Flower Are You?
What Kind of Flower Are You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Photos by R A Kearton/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

You might not think of yourself as a delicate flower, but some flowers are not all that delicate. During this quiz, we want to get to know you the way dandelion roots get to know our lawns. After you've told us all about yourself, we will be able to tell you which of the world's flowers are you most like.

While a lot of people would like to think of themselves as a rose, these flowers are rather high maintenance. You might be lower on the maintenance scale and actually be more like the sunflower. Throughout this quiz, your answers will fertilize our garden of thought. Every response you give us will help us search the greenhouse of life to figure out which flower you are like.

There's no doubt that your personality is more like a bouquet than a single flower. Once you know the flower you are, you will have an entirely new way of looking at yourself. You may even start to tend to yourself in completely different ways. Let's find out if you are a many-petaled botanical wonder, or if you are much simpler and cold tolerant like the tulip! If you're ready to know, we're ready to grow!

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Which of the seasons do you like most?

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Which word would your best friend use to describe you?

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Which quality do you find most attractive in others?

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Which kind of tree do you find most beautiful?

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Which occasion are you more likely to send flowers for?

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Which kind of flowers would you most like to receive?

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Where would you rather go on vacation?

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What percent positive are you?

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Which gemstone catches your eye the most?

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Which mythical beast might be your guardian?

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Which flower smells the best?

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Which kind of bee is most fascinating?

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Which outdoor activity do you enjoy most?

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Which vegetable do you like the most?

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Which edible flower would you like to try?

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Which room of your home would you brighten up with flowers?

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Would you prefer to have jewelry or a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day?

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Which of the elements do you feel most connected with?

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What kind of fruit do you dislike the most?

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