What Kind of Man Are You?

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You might think that you know your true personality, but we're here to deep dive into some of your best and worst traits, as well as how you would behave around your crush. So if you're curious about getting to know your true self a little better to attract that special someone, we're here to help you out with this manly personality quiz!

Now you might be wondering about how you can appear more attractive to others, and we'd like to provide you with some quick tips and tricks. For starters, you're probably not going to get too far in life without some confidence by your side. And we're not just talking about scoring a date with that lucky someone either, because confidence could help you to spark some new friendships, land a great job and be more at peace with your inner soul. 

At the end of the day, confidence ultimately comes from believing in yourself, even if no one else will stand by your side. You can certainly dress a certain way or spritz on some manly cologne, but your personality really stems from how much self-esteem you have. So let your confidence take flight and show us who you really are with some of these manly questions.

Are you sensitive towards the feelings of other people, or is that something you couldn't care less about?

You notice that your best friend is a little bit chilly. Do you give them your jacket or tell them to get over it?

Do you secretly cry when you're feeling sad about something, or is crying for losers?

You have just scored a date with a female celebrity of your choice. Which of these lucky ladies will you grace your presence with?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), how much confidence do you have in yourself?

Do you feel jealous of men who have bigger muscles than you?

When it comes to working out, how many times per week do you go to the gym?

Imagine your dream crush. What do you personally find attractive about them?

If a stranger came up to you and told you that you need to lose some weight, what would you tell them?

How would you express your feelings to your biggest crush?

For 24 hours, you can transform your physical appearance into one of these male celebrities. Who do you choose?

Would you describe yourself as the "nice guy" or the "bad boy"?

Do you try to make everything perfect in your life, or is perfection unattainable for you?

Which of these video games would you trade your soul for?

Would you rather date someone who was very beautiful but poor, or very rich but ugly?

If you had an extra $20,000 just lying around, which of the following would you buy first?

Your significant other is upset with you for forgetting their birthday. How will you make it up to them?

Are you normally afraid of getting rejected, or does the idea of rejection pose no threat to you?

Do you feel like you need a significant other in your life to feel happy, or can you take care of yourself with ease?

Which of your physical features could you brag about all day long?

When you become angry in life, which of these animals do you transform into?

Let's say you notice some gum that is stuck in your date's hair. Would you tell them about it or not say anything at all?

What is more attractive to you: someone who is shy and reserved or outgoing and playful?

When it comes to your social circle, are you more of a leader or a follower?

Which of the following would you want to do on a theatrical stage?

If there was a type of medicine that could increase your lifespan, what would it be?

Are you the type of person to follow the rules or break them at your own will?

When you want something in life, do you go after it or do you sit by the sidelines and watch it go by?

When you look for cologne at a store, what types of fragrance notes do you look for?

It's 7:30 pm on a Friday night. What would your best friend find you doing?

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