What Kind of Redneck Man Are You?

Teresa McGlothlin

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Whether you have a still in the mountains or you value your place in your larger community, you are indeed some type of redneck guy. If you weren't, you wouldn't be taking a quiz telling you which kind you are. So, which kind are you? If you've always wanted to know, look no further than this quiz.

When we think of rednecks, we think of cars on blocks in the yard and a general disregard for the rules. However, the original rednecks were named as such after marching for workers' rights with red bandanas tied around their necks. Although the meaning of the word has changed over the years, the pride and the independence have remained the same!

As we soup up and sum up your type of redneck, we'll ask you some questions that will get to the heart of you. Through examining your life skills, your attitudes, and your spirit, we think we'll figure out exactly the type of redneck man that you are.

You don't have to live in a rural area to be a redneck, and we encourage your thoughts no matter where you live. It's only with your sworn honesty that we'll get your kind of redneck man right - or will we? 

How old is your truck?

Which NASCAR driver do you like most?

What drink do you keep in the cooler?

Do you live in the woods?

What do you like to do around the campfire?

Which country music singer do you like most?

Which kind of dog would you adopt?

How are your marksmanship skills?

Do you like to go fishing?

What do you call your grandfather?

Do you watch "Last Man Standing?"

What sort of game meat tastes the best?

How would you start a fire without matches?

Do you like the state of Kentucky?

If you were to serve in the military, which branch would you choose?

Do you have a favorite US president?

What do you consider most important?

Are you the patriotic type?

Could you be a volunteer fireman?

Are you in a relationship?

Which hot rod do you like most?

Are you good at hunting?

Do you know how to use a slingshot?

Do you carry a pocket knife?

If you crossed a rattlesnake's path, what would you do?

Do you have any kids?

Do you have an accent?

Are you the religious type?

Do you have a beard?

What would you rather throw on the grill?

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