What Kind of Relationship Do You Have With Nature?

Jennifer Post

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There is no wrong way to appreciate nature. Watering your plants helps them thrive in your garden. Laying out on the beach is good for your soul. Going for a hike allows you to appreciate things that most people don't see. Nature is huge and it doesn't only refer to grass and trees. Nature is an environment. Your ideal nature adventure could be skiing down the hardest trail. But it could also mean just going for a walk outside and breathing in the fresh air. 

Sometimes the way we feel about nature can be different and challenging to figure out. Ever been stung by a bee? Maybe you feel like nature betrayed you. But that bee sting has made you stronger. Unless you're allergic to bees, of course. The point is, nature can be dangerous, but everything you see outside of your window has a purpose. Maybe the purpose is for the improvement of the earth as a whole, but maybe it just feeds your mind, body and soul. It's okay to see parts of nature as being there purely for your enjoyment. But it's also okay to wonder what the point of it all is. What kind of relationship do you have with nature? Take this quiz to find out!

As soon as it gets warm outside, what's the first thing you want to do?

Is there anything about nature that really scares you?

When the weather gets cold, what activity do you like participate in?

Do you worry about global warming?

Spring is a time of renewal. But it's also a time for bugs. Which bug would you rather not encounter?

How do you make sure you appreciate nature?

How do you normally celebrate Earth Day?

How does it feel to walk in the grass barefoot?

Have you ever been stung by a bee?

If you could work out in nature, what job would you want?

When it rains out, how do you feel?

If you can't be out in nature as much as you want to, what do you do?

Do you like to grow your own food?

Have you ever considered going vegan?

Why is it important to protect nature?

Which nature-loving character do you relate to?

Out of all the outdoor sports, which one would you rather play?

Do you have a laid back personality?

What do you like doing indoors that you could easily do outdoors?

Weather can really vary, but what type of weather makes you want to be outside the most?

Do you like city environments more than suburbs?

How do you normally spend your weekends?

When it comes to working out, which one makes you feel your best?

Are you a tree hugger?

Can you pick the best fruit for smoothies?

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

What's the most rewarding thing about nurturing nature?

Could you picture yourself being totally at peace?

What's the best way to spend a day at the park?

How committed to saving the planet are you?

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