What Kind of Romance Is Meant for You?

Alex Wittman

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You're just about to swipe right, but something stops you. Amidst all the Tindering, Bumbling and obligatory coffee dates with your friend's brother's newly-single BFF, you stop and wonder: what kind of romance is meant for you? We so totally feel that. These days, one of the hardest parts of adulting is trying to meet someone you actually want to be around for more than five seconds. Facts. WTF, all those rom-coms made it look so easy!

But, even after (especially after) the worst first dates, we want you to remember that you are indeed destined for romance. Wondering what exactly that kind of romance is? Is it more To All The Boys I've Loved Before or Fifty Shades Freed? YKTV. Instead of getting tilted over yet another creeper sliding into your DMs, why not take our quiz to find out what kind of romance is meant for you? At the very least, the results might help you write a better bio on your fave dating app. Or, who knows, the results could leave you totally shook. You won't find out until you take the quiz, so what are you waiting for? We know you're low key dying to find out what kind of romance is meant for you. 

Dating apps can be total thirst traps, but if you had to pick one you actually kinda like, which of the following would you choose?

Thinking back on your last relationship flop, why did you ultimately decide to dip?

How would you deal if someone you were way in to ghosted you?

Spill the tea on your last Tinder date. All things considered, how would you rate the IRL outing?

Imagine you're taking a bougie AF trip somewhere in the world. Which romantic city would you most like to visit?

Let's talk about the last relationship you took an L on. How did it end?

Humans aren't the only romantic mammals. Which creature's love life do you find relatable AF?

When you think about future bae, what's the most important quality you look for in a significant other?

You and bae want to spend Saturday night cuddling on the couch. Which of the following romance movies are you going to watch?

We want to low key know, do you think true love is real?

As you swipe left and right, which of the following is a total deal breaker?

Bae just said something that made you feel so #blessed. Which of the following completely melted your heart?

No cap how old were you when you fell in love for the first time?

A total cutie slides into your DMs. What's the first thing you notice about them?

We won't tell if you throw some major shade at your ex, so what's something you really couldn't stand about them?

While nicknames are so totally extra, we're also kinda here for them. Which of the following nicknames would you most like for bae to call you?

We can't even imagine how turnt up Hollywood weddings are. Which celebrity couple are you living for?

In your opinion, which of these famous literary romances was the GOAT?

After a fire first meeting, your date leans in to kiss you. Which of the following moves is a total mood?

So, you're getting ready for a date (YKTV). How do you choose what to wear?

If bae wants to show that they love you, how can they do so?

In a relationship, which of the following is most important to you?

If your love life was a color, which of the following would it be?

Some people will just dip out, but others are willing to work for love. How willing are you to compromise in a relationship?

We're not trying to throw any shade here, but some relationships just aren't meant to be. Of the following, who is the person you'd absolutely not date?

TBH, there's a zillion different ways you can meet THE ONE. From the following, which way would you most like to meet your true love?

Opposites attract is a big mood, but which celebrity couple were you just never able to wrap your head around?

Awww, bae decided to surprise you with flowers. What's in the bouquet?

Which of the following bops are you still bumping because its lyrics have you that shook?

Disney movies were always #GOALS. Which of the following couples were you most obsessed with?

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