Quiz: What Kind of Truck Matches Your Personality?
What Kind of Truck Matches Your Personality?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: KYU OH/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Pickup trucks are one of the most beloved vehicles in the world. In Australia, people race their peculiar "Ute" variants, some built for speed to the point of not being usable as pickups. In some parts of the world, pickups are little more than tools, and only the hardiest trucks survive. In Texas, truck makers release special "Texas" editions of their trucks, with luxury, performance and style features unlike any trucks in the world. Then there is the run of the mill truck anyone can buy at a local dealership. With so many trucks out there, how can you know which one is right for you? No one buys vehicles their their heads; they choose their vehicles with their hearts.

This brings us to the much more existential question of what lies in your heart. Cracking this mystery is something humanity struggles with even today, after preoccupation with the subject for thousands of years. Not to worry. We have come up with a way of distilling your inmost essence into a data set. While that may sound dry, we can compare this to the design language, features, luxury and performance of the world's pickup trucks, past and present, and determine which one matches your personality. Ready to go? Take the quiz!

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Which of these jobs would you absolutely never want to have?

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What style of hat appeals to you the most?

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Put your game face on! Which outdoor sport would you most like to do?

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Pick your favorite. Which of these people is your definition of cool?

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Get behind the wheel for a second. How would you describe your driving style?

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Who do you turn to first for advice?

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When you're working, what kind of music do you put on?

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How would you describe your best friend?

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Work, work, work. What industry do you work in?

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What age were you when you started learning to drive?

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Of the following skills, which was the first one you picked up?

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Which of the following luxuries would you spend your money on first?

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Look at the clock. How many hours do you work in a week?

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Think about things from your friends' perspectives. What word would they use to describe you?

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Which of these dream jobs would you want the most?

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Got some spare time? Which of the following hobbies is something you'd most want to do for fun, yourself?

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Let's talk about vehicles other than trucks for just a second. Which motorcycle brand floats your boat?

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Here's a personal question. Which writing instrument do you use?

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Kick back and relax. Which of these activities do you engage in to unwind?

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Test your loyalties! What professional sport do you follow most closely?

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Think about your romantic goals for a second. What is the number one quality you look for in a significant other?

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Imagine that you're striking out on your own, freelancing. How would you go about picking a company logo?

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Break out the popcorn! Which of these movie genres is your favorite?

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Just between us, which of these is closest to your true guilty pleasure?

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