What Kind of Tattoo Will You End Up With After Too Many Drinks This Weekend?

Zoe Samuel

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Maybe it was the wine that was stronger than you thought, or perhaps you just lost track of how many shots you had. Either way, bending your elbow resulted in a total blackout and a trip to the tattoo parlor. What was the result?

This is the tricky question we intend to answer. If you were inebriated in a tattoo parlor, would you have the presence of mind to think of the icons that you've considered getting tattooed your whole life, or would you opt for some "flash" off the walls? Would you want something personal to you, or commemorating a connection to a friend, spouse, or family member? Would you want a badass tattoo or something tame? 

Would you ink your skin with something abstract or representational? It is one thing to consider these questions when sober, but after a night out with your friends, and consuming a lot of alcohol, you may not make the choices you think you'll make right now.

Put yourself in our hands, and we will tell you what you will wind up with after a weekend of heavy drinking with your friends. With this foreknowledge, you will be in a position to say to your friends what they should or should not let you do on your night out.

Were you raised in a religious family?

Is it against your religion to get tattooed?

Do you plan on getting a lot of tattoos?

Are you in biker culture?

Do you fancy yourself a badass?

Are you a hipster?

Do you still revel in television shows you liked as a child?

How patriotic are you?

Did you serve in the military?

Did a loved one recently pass away?

Did you recently decide to reinvent yourself?

Did you recently come out?

How strongly do you identify with your home state?

Do you feel strongly about mystery?

Do you want to intimidate people?

Do you see yourself as unconquerable?

What bumper sticker are you most likely to get?

Do you already have a tattoo?

What is your relationship like with your family?

Would you and your friends all get the same tattoo?

Where would this weekend of drinking take place?

What is your drink of choice?

Would you still be drinking while getting tattooed?

How much money do you have to spend on getting your tattoo?

Where would you get your tattoo?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What philosophy guides you?

Is your life going well?

Are you proud of who you are?

Would you regret getting a large, statement tattoo?

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