What law would you write?

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The law is pretty comprehensive, covering big items such as stealing and killing. But what about the little ways that others use to make life unbearable for the rest of us: slow subway walking, phone-staring, talking in the library? Which of them would you like a law to tackle first?

What's the most annoying habit in a coworker?

Which foreign law is a good idea?

If you saw someone litter, what would you do?

Do you ever have your phone out at dinner?

What do you drive?

What do you miss from the Good Old Days?

What movie would you watch?

Who's your dinner companion from hell?

Have you ever been unfairly called rude, and if so, why?

If you had to solve a tough math problem without any calculator, what would you do?

What's the silliest recent fashion trend?

You're trapped behind a dawdler who keeps meandering into your path. How do you handle it?

You arrive late at the airport and the check-in line is very long. If you don't get through in 15 minutes, you'll miss your flight. What do you do?

Which weapon do you like?

Which form of discipline is most effective?

What minor cultural norm is most useful?

You see a neighbor's kid bullying another kid from your street. What do you do?

What's the best TV show genre?

What's your favorite form of transit?

What's your favorite greeting?

Which state would you live in?

Which state motto suits you?

A polite, well-dressed person in a quiet street approaches, saying they've been mugged. They want $3 for a subway ticket. Do you give it?

What's the most recent lie you told?

Which law have you broken?

Which window treatment do you like?

Which pet would you have?

If you don't want to go to a loud party but they know you don't have plans, how do you get out of it?

Your friend asks if her hideous outfit is flattering. What do you do?

Your neighbor says you're too loud. How do you respond?

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