What Lip Color Matches Your Inner Goddess?

Talin Vartanian

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Within all of us lies an inner goddess who represents strength, beauty and courage. Even though you can't physically see your inner goddess, she's always there to guide you in life. While there are goddesses like Hera and Artemis, we're talking about the goddess that represents you as a person!

But how well do you really know yourself? With so many changes and difficulties in life, it's easy to feel a little bit lost sometimes. You may find that your personality changes depending on who you talk to. Or, you may have some trouble connecting with your inner goddess. One way to embrace this is by opening your heart to others, which includes being empathetic and open-minded. You may also find it easy to inspire other people through your humor, intelligence and charismatic personality, which is exactly what an inner goddess is like. 

If you're unsure about who you really are, then we're here to give you a helping hand! We're going to learn more about the inner goddess that lurks in your soul, as well as what type of lip color she likes. So, if we've sparked some curiosity from you, then it's time to take our mysterious quiz right now!

What inspires your inner goddess?

Your fashionable sense of style can be best described as ...

What percent feminine do you think you are?

What aspect of life makes you the happiest?

True or false: Other people often come to you for advice.

Would you rather spend your day off indoors or outdoors?

Which of these female celebrities seems like a goddess to you?

What does an "inner goddess" mean to you?

If you were getting ready for a first date, what would you focus on the most?

Which of these evening gowns would you wear to a formal event?

Choose a cute type of animal to paint on your nails!

Which of these floral notes matches your personality the best?

When you put on makeup, what part of your face do you like to accentuate the most?

What Disney princess would you want to dress up as for Halloween?

Pick a fashionable job that your personality would be suited for.

You wouldn't leave the house without which of the following accessories?

You believe in the power of ___________ for a day of relaxation.

Your inner goddess can be best described by which of these words?

What are you more proud of: your physical beauty or your intellect?

Which of these locations would be your ideal vacation spot?

What would you like to be the goddess of?

Name something that is more valuable than money.

What type of attractive do you think you are?

How important is humor to you when it comes to being friends with someone?

Difficult obstacles in life make you feel ...

Would you describe yourself as a confident person?

How often does your mood tend to shift during the day?

What percent outgoing is your inner goddess?

Your skin tone can be best described as ...

How often do you like to switch up your hair color?

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