What Magic: the Gathering Core Are You?

Amanda Monell

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If you know your way around a card-riddled battlefield, have had cards tossed into your graveyard callously and can calculate your next moves, you have survived a game of Magic: the Gathering. With its expansive library, M:tG is not only one of the pioneers of the collectible card playing industry, but it is also considered the hardest game playable. It is one of the only real-world games that has stumped computers. So if you've won a game, even just one, it is no small feat. But why is it so hard?

Magic: the Gathering may be considered a simple game compared to the other fantasy roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. However, it is in its simplicity that it becomes so challenging. Instead of being pulled into a dungeon where maps and miniatures are used, M:tG relies more on an imaginary plane and that is only the tip of the iceberg. When you step onto the battlefield of an M:tG game it is almost like you're locking minds with your opponents. You'd have to gauge their abilities and bank on certain little things like reading their tells, their deck size and even what kind of mood the opposition was when they took their seats.

So out of the 20 Magic: the Gathering core sets out there, which one are you? Cut your deck, deal your hand and head out to our battlefield!

Before playing Magic: the Gathering, what other fantasy games have you played?

How were you introduced to the world of Magic: the Gathering?

Who would win in a fight, a Serra Angel or a Sengir Vampire?

Do you know what mana type you tap the most?

When you want to bring on the heat, you should use a mountain deck; what mountain dweller is in your library?

Have you ever considered playing M:tG competitively?

Before he was a planeswalker, Nicol Bolas terrorized players with the elder dragons; what dragon would you use?

Known for its doom and gloom motif, a swamp deck is ideal for the horror fan. What swamp creature is your favorite?

What size is your card library?

Aside from the Sengir Vampires, which of these blood drinkers is your favorite?

Who is your favorite planeswalker?

What banned card are you dying to play with?

How long have you been playing the game?

Get your deck ready, it's game night! Where are you about to play?

While playing against a newbie, they come across a combo that could end the game. Do you let them know?

Common in all of Magic: the Gathering, goblins are aplenty; which goblin card would you use?

Have you ever played two-headed giant?

Boom! Your opponent just dropped a big old nasty creature onto the battlefield. How do you react?

Grab your galoshes, it's time to look at the wet and murky island cards. What creature of the air or sea would you want in your deck?

Which of these spells would you use to destroy an opponent?

Do you use card protectors?

What dual land from the 2020 Core Set is going to be tossed into your deck?

Your opponent has just played a card that makes you discard your whole hand. How do you react?

A forest deck, ideal for the nature lover, celebrates the wildness of nature; which of these cards makes it into your deck?

What would you do if a player broke out snacks that could damage your cards?

Where do you store your extra cards?

What artifact from Fourth Edition would you want to add to your deck?

Known for its healing and pure creatures, a plains deck is perfect for those who are still learning the rules. Which white creature is at the top of your library?

In a typical game, how many moves do you plan in advance?

You are introducing a friend to Magic: the Gathering by playing a practice hand with them. When you come across a combo that would end the game, what do you do?

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