What Metal Is This Common Object Made Of?

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On the periodic table, metals dominate it, with six of the eight families occupying it.  Some of the families include the transition metals, which include silver and gold: the poor metals, which has lead and tin in its family: and the alkali metals, where potassium, sodium and lithium reside.  From consumer products to the human body, metals are hidden everywhere.  

In the human body, metals play a pivotal role in our survival.  Zinc, one of the poor metals, helps promote cell growth and cell division.  What does that have to do with the body?  With the proper amount of zinc, those two activities can help create enough blood cells to help repair wounds.  In addition to this, zinc is used to aid in the senses of smell and taste.  Iron, one of the transition metals, is essential in the creation of hemoglobin, which is pivotal in transporting oxygen from the lungs to the heart.  

When it comes to jewelry, metals are one of the essential materials in creating the masterpieces that can shape relationships.  For the most part, wedding bands were traditionally created from gold. However, as time passed, demand for a tougher material resulted from folks who were rough on their jewelry.  As a result, platinum has become one of the more popular metals in matrimonial jewelry.

We're going to try to stump your metallic know-how in this quiz. We'll show you everyday objects, and it will be your job to discern what they are.  Good luck!

Nails are a toolbox essential that includes the types common, box and masonry. What are they made out of?

Nails come in various lengths and sizes and each has its own purpose. If you're looking to attach some molding to your walls, you'd use a finishing nail whereas if you want to hang a picture on the wall, you'd use a common nail.

If you are looking to attach drywall to wood, you're going to need some screws. What are they made of?

In addition to types of uses, screws have several different head types. The most common head types are a Phillips (which is shaped like an x) and slotted (which has a single line running across the top of its head).

In addition to being a cutting implement, scissors are used to describe a type of kick that is commonly used while performing a sidestroke. What are they made of?

When using certain types of scissors, you should make sure that you use the proper material that is associated with them. If you were to use pinking shears on anything besides material, you may run into a bind: The blades could end up becoming dull.

If you want to eat Chinese food in a hurry, you may want to use a fork. What are they made of?

The first use of a fork as an eating utensil happened in both Spain and Italy at the same time. France followed suit a century later.

A wok, a cooking implement that is commonly used in Asian cooking is used to heat entrees, is made out of what metal?

if you want to make an omelette quickly, try using a wok. It has thinner metal than a typical skillet, which means it that it heats quicker and will make scrambling your eggs a breeze.

What is a machete, the type of weapon Jason Voorhees wielded in the Friday the 13th franchise, made out of?

Traditionally, a machete is a multi-purpose tool. The top of the blade is used to chop through brush in jungles as well as harvesting fruits and vegetables, and the rest of the blade could be used to carve meat or to cut open fruits like coconuts.

What are muffin tins, a kitchen implement pivotal in baking cupcakes and muffins, made of?

If you want to keep your muffin tins clean, you can use muffin tin liners. They come in various colors and sizes, which can aid in adding a small detail to your party decor.

Katanas, a weapon used by cosplayers and ninjas, are made out of what material?

In World War II, many of the Japanese soldiers fought with swords passed down through many family generations. Tragically, after they were captured by U.S. forces, the katanas were taken because they are weapons. Many have been returned.

What are paper clips, which are commonly used to hold papers together, constructed of?

In addition to the standard paper clip, coated paper clips help to protect paperwork from scratches. There have also been clips bent into different shapes including cats, cars and other objects.

What is a cuticle trimmer, which is used to help remove pesky cuticles made of?

There are two reasons why you should consider using a cuticle trimmer. The first is that it will help you apply your nail polish evenly, and the second is that it helps keep your nails clean.

A straight razor, the type of weapon Sweeney Todd used on his victims, is made out of what?

How did Sweeney Todd get rid of his victims? He would provide them to his landlord, Mrs. Lovett, who used them as meat in her pies. To make things even more grotesque, many patrons liked her meat pies, which earned her bakery a distinguished status.

In addition to The Tick's battle cry, spoons are often used to eat ice cream. What are they made of?

The Tick, a satirical comic created in the late 1980s, featured the overly enthusiastic Tick and an accountant named Arthur as his sidekick. There have been three adaptations of this intelligent comic including a live-action version featuring Patrick Warburton, who is best known as Puddy on "Seinfeld."

What are a bicycle's handlebars made of?

In the 1980s, one of the most popular bikes to have were the 10-speed bicycle. These bikes featured handlebars called drop handlebars, which brought the rider closer to the bicycle, making them more aerodynamic. That was great, however, riding a bike like that for too long is bad for the back.

A tire jack, which is used when you blow out a tire on the open road, is made of what metal if you drive a small car?

If you ever get a flat tire, you definitely need a jack, which helps elevate the car while removing and replacing the tire with a spare. Depending on the model of your car, a jack is usually supplied.

The spokes, which are part of a bicycle's wheel that consists of small metal rods, are made out of which metal?

Even though they are small, the spokes serve a great purpose when it comes to tires. They give the wheel rim structure and reinforcement, helping it stay round.

If you work in an industrial building, you will learn to love the fans that cool you over the summer. What are their blades made out of?

When you're working in somewhere like a warehouse, industrial fans have many purposes aside from cooling the area down. They are also used to help circulate the air and to remove odors.

A pocket watch was one of the first portable keepers of time. What is one of the metals that they are constructed of?

During the 17th century, you could just check out a man's pockets to see what class they were in. If they were in the upper class, they would get their pocket watches as heirlooms.

Springs, which help keep your matress firm, are made out of what metal?

Springs play a functional role in the world of pens as well as in beds. When you use a clicker pen, a spring gets compressed and the tip comes out. When you are done and click it shut, the spring pulls it back.

Handcuffs, also known as silver bracelets, are made of what metal?

If a police officer has to arrest a suspect, they will more than likely use a set of handcuffs. However, if there is a riot and several offending parties need to be held, they will use nylon zip ties.

In addition to being the name of an 1980s band, bangle bracelets are made out many different materials. What is one of the metals used in making those bracelets?

Bangle bracelets were a must have for any lady of the '80s. They would be constructed out of various materials, however one of the most popular bangles were ones made of gummy. This plastic was flexible and could be used to make bigger bracelets.

When you're wearing stud earrings, backs are essential for keeping them on. What is it?

If you're ever in an earring jam and misplace a backing, take heart: these items are universal and one backing can usually be used on many different earrings. If you lose your backing at the office, you can take a small pencil eraser and use it to hold the earring in place.

Traffic lights feature three colors of lights and are made out of what material?

Be careful when rushing a yellow light: Many traffic lights are now equipped with cameras to catch you speeding through intersections. A few weeks later, you get a present: a moving violation.

When driving down the highway, Jersey barriers help safeguard your car. What are one of the materials that they're constructed of?

Jersey barriers may not look like they have metal in them, but it is one of the many construction items made with rebar. These small metal rods are used in a couple of different ways. The first is to add additional support to streets and barriers, the second is to hang temporary fencing.

What are street lights made out of?

In addition to changing power sources, street lights have gone under a face lift in the last few years. Some cities have started to outfit them with slip bases. These bases give a safety feature that others don't: When hit with a car, they break off in a fashion that makes damage and injuries minimal.

What are cooling racks made out of?

If you're not sure what a cooling rack is, perhaps you know it by its other name; a wire rack. This tool is unique to baking: because of its slotted surface, it helps provide cooling from over and under the cookie or cake. This helps prevent sogginess from developing on the bottom of your baked goods due to condensation.

Tea infusers, the item that you'd use to steep loose leaf tea, are made of what material?

If you're a tea drinker and you're looking to keep an eye on your checkbook, you should eliminate the bags and get some loose leaf tea and an infuser. Many sellers will cut the price of their tea because there is no additional labor used to package the tea.

In baseball, there are two different types of bats. What metal is one of the choices?

Wooden bats are found in pro baseball and most college leagues. Aluminum bats are the province of Little League and softball teams.

Bobby pins, a tool used to tame flyaway hairs in ponytails, are made of what material?

Many times, flyaway hairs are produced by ponytails. The tighter and higher the ponytail, the more likely that the strands of hair will break.

Before disposable diapers, many mothers used safety pins to hold cloth diapers in place. What are they made of?

In addition to securing diapers, safety pins functioned in fashion. Punks would often make bracelets, pierce their bodies and wear safety pins on their clothing.

A half-dollar has John F. Kennedy's profile on it. What is one of the materials that it is made out of?

In addition to JFK, Liberty appears on the half dollar. The Walking Liberty coin was printed from 1916 until 1947, making a high quality coin very valuable.

The U.S. dollar coin has Native American guide Sacagawea on it. What is one of the materials that they are made of?

Sacagawea was known for helping explorers Lewis and Clark on their journey to the west coast. In addition to Sacagawea, her son is depicted on the coin. She had met her future husband while on the expedition.

What material are aersol cans made of?

During the 1980s, a hole was discovered in the ozone layer. Why? Because of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a component in the contents of every aerosol can. This chemical when combined with UV rays caused a reaction that caused the breakup of the CFC molecule, producing chlorine. This chlorine attacks the ozone layer, which caused the hole.

When used with a plastic worm, a hook can make an awesome fishing lure. What is one of the metals that it is made out of?

Compared to live bait, fishing lures can be quite expensive, however, in the case of fly fishing, it is a must. When fly fishing, lures are flung into the water, mimicking flies landing on the water. If live bait were used, the weight distribution may prove to be difficult. Plus ... no one wants live bait flung on them!

A belt buckle is a common prize at rodeos. What is one of the metals that they are made of?

If a cowboy or cowgirl is looking to strut their stuff, wearing their belt buckle trophy may do the trick. It will show the other competitors how good they are and because of this, they may acquire new fans.

Zippers have many uses including closing purses and sealing pants. What is one material used to make zipper teeth?

There are many different ways to get a stuck zipper unstuck, most of which involve adding a lubricant onto the teeth of it. Using lubricants (such as Vaseline, lip balm, and graphite from a pencil) helps aid in getting things moving.

What is one of the materials used in making doorknobs?

When it comes to new construction, there are mandates in place. Since the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was enacted in 1990, push lever doorknobs became the norm in office buildings and push-button door openers were put into place at malls, hospitals and other facilities.

When it comes to home security, locks are a must-have in your home. What is one of the materials that they are made out of?

If you own home insurance, one of the first questions a claims adjuster will ask is whether the door was locked when a robbery occurred. If the answer was no, then your claim could be denied.

An oven, something you'd use would to make a roast, is made out of what metal?

Why would you want to use galvanized steel inside of your oven? Kitchen accidents, of course! If you were to prepare something and it somehow scratched the inside of the oven, the protective coat on the steel would take the damage and not the steel itself.

What are most kitchen sinks constructed of?

When it comes to kitchen sinks, many of the industrial standards are stainless steel. Why? Stainless steel is relatively cheap to construct, easy to mold and easy to keep clean.

A locket, a piece of jewelry you would use to keep your loved ones close to your heart, is made of what material?

Lockets are sentimental pieces of jewelry that are not much in fashion anymore. The idea is to put something inside the locket as a keepsake, be it a small picture, a lock of hair or other memento.

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