What Military Rank Does Your Dog Deserve?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Your dog might be the true ringleader in your house, but you don't mind at all. Our relationships with our dogs are some of the deepest in the world, and we think they could run the universe if they were given the chance. Before we go assigning your dog to the role of Commander in Chief, let's first find out how well they would rank in the military. 

The only way to find out which military rank that your dog could earn is to get to know everything about them. Is your dog a natural born leader, or does it look to you to give all the orders? Once you tell us about your relationship, your dog's quirks and the things that you find irresistible about that adorable face, and we'll assign them the military rank that they really deserve. 

Dogs might have a great life, but they are also highly disciplined creatures that would never leave a man behind. Whether you see your dog as more of an Admiral or a General, every answer you give us will let you know if you are right. Do you think your dog will enjoy its newfound title, or will you have some training to do?  

When your dog wants to go for a walk, how does it let you know?

How does your dog react to meeting a new dog?

Which cartoon dog does your dog have the most in common with?

In your eyes, what is your dog's cutest feature?

How did you meet your canine military leader?

Does your dog like it when you are affectionate with others?

What do you think your dog thinks about when it sees a cat?

Which human food would your dog most like to have for dinner?

Which one is lazier: you or the dog?

Does your dog do all the talking in the relationship?

Do you allow your dog to sleep with you?

What is your dog's favorite way to exercise?

Would you agree when we say that your dog is bossy?

Does your dog ever get mad at you?

How would you describe your dog's bark?

What was the first trick your pooch learned to do?

Have you noticed your dog being afraid of anything?

Which of the following things would your dog prefer to chase?

What do you think your dog dreams about?

Which dog-related movie could have been written about your dog?

How does your dog react when it hears about bath time?

What is your dog like when children are around?

When new people enter your home, what does your dog do?

How would you rank your dog on a scale of obedience?

How long, in human years, have you had your dog?

Regardless of its actual breed, which dog breed does your dog act most like?

Could your dog be trained to become a police dog?

Which gift would you buy your dog for its birthday?

Which personality trait do you and your dog share?

What is it about your dog that makes such a great pet?

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