Quiz: What Military Rank Matches Your Personality?
What Military Rank Matches Your Personality?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: DanielBendjy/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The history of warfare goes back longer than we have records of history.  People have always gotten into such extreme disagreements that they had to settle it by force.  But at some point, city-states grew large enough that they could organize soldiers and form what was effectively a military.  They may have had only melee weapons and horses initially and then chariots and spears, but as it grew as a concept, it became more organized.  Eventually, nations realized some of these soldiers had more skill and knowledge than others and should be in charge of leading and training the other soldiers.  If you proved your worth, you earned rank.  The more knowledge, the more skill, the more accomplished you could be, the higher you would rise in the ranks.  That's the theory, anyway.

Fast forward to the present and there are literally hundreds of ranks in militaries around the world. Each rank has a specific set of jobs that it entails, and that means each rank has its own unique flavor and personality. They're kind of like people that way. And just as different people excel at different ranks, those ranks really seem to fit people as well. We can tell you which rank fits your personality too, all you need to do is take the quiz!

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How likely are you to take charge of making plans with your friends?

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Who would you say is the greatest movie star of all time?

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If you're going to listen to a song to get yourself jazzed up, what song will it be?

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What's your ideal way to travel if you going a great distance?

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If you just show up at a party, what's the first thing you do?

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What's your drink of choice when you need something to relax?

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If you're taking a trip to the beach, what kind of activity are you most likely to be doing?

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If you could drive any kind of car, what would it be?

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Being an outdoorsman is always good. Do you go camping often?

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If you're home watching some Netflix, what genre are you scrolling through?

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Sports are a good way to learn some discipline. What sport is your favorite?

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Have you ever shaved your head just for kicks?

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What's the greatest war movie ever made?

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If you were going to spend some time touring another country, where would you go?

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Who's the greatest fictional hero in history?

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How are you when it comes to handling repairs around the house?

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Would you say you're pretty successful when it comes to romance?

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If you mess up during basic, you're going to be doing push-ups. How many push-ups could you do right at this minute?

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Thinking back to ancient military techniques, what were the most valuable units in war?

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Which board game do you absolutely dominate?

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What's the gameplan when you have a day off?

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