What Mythical Creature Guards Your Heart?

Alex Wittman

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About This Quiz

For centuries, human beings have told stories about mythical creatures, from the gentle unicorn to the cunning sphinx. People have wondered if these magical beings do in fact exist among us. While it's unknown if mermaids swim in the ocean depths or dragons lurk in deep underground caves, there is one place you can find them: guarding your heart. That's right, there's a mythical creature guarding your heart! It is protecting you against unworthy partners and encouraging you toward your one true love. Is it the beautiful yet mysterious mermaid? The ferocious and powerful dragon?

In the modern world, finding genuine, meaningful connections isn't always easy. In an age when finding romance has been reduced to swiping either right or left, it's easy to get careless with romance. Take this quiz to find out what mythical creature guards your heart and allow it to help guide your romantic ventures. Let the tender unicorn show you how to open your heart and be vulnerable. Or call upon the perceptive sphinx to help you evaluate potential partners. 

Don't wait: take this quiz to reveal what mythical creature guards your heart! Save it to share with someone you think is cute, and maybe the answers will provide some insight into your future relationship!

Which season is your favorite?

Of the following, what quality do you value most in a romantic partner?

Which dating app are you most likely to use to find love?

If your friends were to describe you to a potential date, what adjective would they be most likely to use?

What's your ideal first date?

Your significant other is planning a romantic getaway. What destination would you most like to visit?

Which of the following activities would you love to do with someone you care about?

In your past relationships, what have you and your partners most often argued about?

Of the following, which is your favorite romantic movie?

Your date shows up with flowers. What do you hope is in the bouquet?

Who is your favorite celebrity couple?

When something goes wrong in your love life, who are you most likely to vent to?

Your date lets you pick the movie you two are going to see. What genre is it?

In general, how many dates does it take for you to know if you have a connection or not?

In your opinion, what's the biggest mistake someone can make on a first date?

When you're in love, how do you like to express your feelings to your partner?

Which of the following are you least likely to put up with from someone you're beginning a relationship with?

In the future, what pet do you hope to have with your significant other?

What is one thing you think every couple should do before getting married?

Your significant other wants to get you something sweet. What candy should they buy you?

Of the following, which romance novel is your favorite?

You and your date head out to grab a bite to eat. What food do you suggest?

After a breakup, which song are you most likely to put on full volume and cry to?

Your significant other surprises you with a gift. What is it?

It's Friday night. What are you most likely doing?

How early (or late) do you usually arrive when meeting someone, particularly a date?

When you first meet someone, what's the first thing you notice about them?

What essential item do you never forget to pack for a first date?

When you meet someone special, who is the first person you introduce them to?

In the past, when your relationships ended, who generally ended them?

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