What Mythical Creature Is Your Power Animal?

Jacqueline Samaroo

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Cultures from all corners of the world have all crafted stories, been influenced by myths, and passed down legends, throughout history. While many of these legends and myths are based largely in reality and can be synonymous with what we consider to be "normal", there are also many of them that fall into the realm of mysticism and fantasy. From the dragons of Asia to the sphinxes of Egypt, there are many mystical creatures that draw inspiration from real animals that we can see in the world today. Some of these mythical creatures can even be human hybrids! Examples of these are; the half human and half bull Minotaur that was known for its strength, or the mysterious half human and half fish mermaid that captivated sailors. 

In this quiz we'll take a look at your personality and your answers to some insightful questions so that we can effectively figure out which mythical creature truly is your power animal! So, are you guided by fortitude or knowledge? Maybe you're a friend of nature or you consider yourself to be a natural born leader. Let's jump right into this eye-opening quiz and find out!

There are four classical elements, which one best represents your soul?

Which of these character traits do you think best describes you?

Warm summer days or cold winter nights? Which of the four seasons do you prefer?

At what time of the day do you feel the most alive?

You find yourself drawn to people that have which of these zodiac signs?

Which branch of knowledge are you most interested in?

What superpower would you choose if you had the chance?

The gemstone that speaks to your character the most is?

If you could get blessed with any psychic ability which one wold you want?

As a young child you were often doing which of these things?

Which of these animals is the most fascinating?

You dislike which of these character traits most in people?

Where in nature do you often like to spend time?

What type of movie did you watch most recently?

Which of the following things do you identify with the most?

Your worries in life usually revolve mostly around which of these things?

The vacation destination that appeals to you the most is?

How do you usually exercise?

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Everyone has a favorite type of weather: which one is yours?

In a relationship, which of these things is the most important?

What musical genre do you listen to most often?

Which of these things was your favorite as a teenager?

The magical item that you are draw to is?

What was the last drink that you had?

When do you usually go to sleep?

Which of these things do you consider to be the most important to you?

What do you geek out about the most?

Out of these flavors, which one pleases your tastes buds the most?

How do you deal with serious stress whenever it occurs in your day to day life?

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