What Nail Polish Color Should You Really Be Wearing?

Talin Vartanian

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If you take one good look around you, you'll find many different colors within this world. And the good news is that the majority of these colors can also be found in beautiful bottles of nail polish. But which color would look the best on you? We're about to find out the answer to this mysterious question with this fun personality quiz!

Certain nail polish colors can bring out some of your best physical features, such as your eyes, hair color and radiant smile. Many ladies and gentlemen also match their nails to their outfits, while others prefer mismatched nails. And if you really want to stand out from the crowd, try wearing jeweled nails or nails with fun shapes on them (such as hearts or diamonds). Glittery nails are also popular for parties and fun holidays, such as New Year's Eve.Β 

Other fun types of nail designs include marble nails, neon nails and floral nails. And when it comes to your personality, nail polish colors can also highlight some of your best traits, such as your energetic vibes or your quiet demeanor. So if you're curious about which nail polish color you should be wearing, take our colorful personality quiz right now!

A $100 gift card is best spent at which of these fashionable stores?

Which of these celebrities would you like to go on a first date with?

What adorable animal lies within your inner soul?

What accessory in your wardrobe that has a sentimental value to you?

Which of these beautiful flowers matches your personality?

What's your go-to brand of nail polish?

What's the first thing that you would buy with $1,000,000?

Which of these seasons matches your inner sense of style?

Fill in the blank: You couldn't pay me $100 to wear _____________ clothes for a day.

You're only allowed to use just one of these makeup products for the rest of your life, so choose carefully! Which is it?

Your inner personality can be accurately matched to which of these Yankee Candle scents?

Which of these beauty salons would you like to go to with some friends?

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love glitter in nail polish?

Which fun type of facial mask would you choose for some extra hydration?

Which smartphone emoji matches your inner soul?

What's something about your personality that you're really proud of?

It's time for a new you, so how about choosing one of these fancy hairstyles?

Which of these gemstones would look beautiful as a hairpiece?

Which of these wallpapers would look beautiful on your smartphone?

One of these Candy Land characters matches your true personality, but which one is it?

What do you have too much of in your purse?

How would other people describe your fashionable sense of style?

Long or short nails: which do you prefer?

Which of these US cities matches your fabulous sense of style?

What's your favorite thing to share on social media?

Which fashionable job would you want as your new career path?

Which fun type of nail art would you want for your pretty nails?

Are you able to control your spending habits?

How much money do you typically spend on makeup per month?

Is it more fun to paint your nails yourself or get them done at a salon?

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