What Non-Physical Attribute Do You Find Most Attractive?

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There's no standard when it comes to attractiveness. Studies show that symmetrical faces are the most attractive to most people, but that's just physical beauty. Everything about beauty and attractiveness is subjective and open to debate. Personal preferences help determine attraction, but it is more than just physical. While looks might be what initially ropes you in, it's not what keeps you around.

Non-physical traits like kindness and intelligence are long-lasting and also change from person to person. Some people want a partner who is funny and shares their sense of humor, while others want someone who is incredibly intelligent and challenges the mind. Or maybe you want a combination of brains, humor and kindness. Whatever your preferences are, you know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and poor non-physical traits can't be covered with makeup.

At a certain point, adult life might become about finding someone you want to settle down with or even have children with. You might start to look for traits you'd want to pass on to your children or you might finally have an easier time recognizing what your "deal-breakers" are. Want to find out which non-physical trait you find the most attractive? Take this quiz to find out!

What do you love most about your friends?

Do you see the good in everyone?

Thinking back to your last relationship, what was the best part of it?

If you had to pick one celebrity to marry, who would it be?

When it comes to books, what genre is your favorite?

How do you respond to criticism about something you've worked really hard on?

Let's say you saw a dog in the street. What would you do?

When you are sick, what is the one thing that makes you feel better?

Do you have any regrets in life?

Rain or shine, what is one part of your day you don't miss?

Have you noticed anything about yourself in a relationship that you would change?

In a world full of phonies, how do you stay true to yourself?

Have you ever wished you were born in another time?

Stress can really build up. How do you relieve stress?

Given the chance, what would you apologize to your younger self for?

There are a lot of varietals of flowers out there. Do you favor one more than another?

Is there a certain cuisine you could eat every day?

Where do you stand on conspiracy theories?

Do you have a particular order in which you get ready for bed?

Are you frivolous with your spending or frugal?

When you workout, what is the one body part you focus on?

Do you prefer to have serious conversations or more light-hearted chats?

If you had to tell someone bad news, how would you do it?

Some people slurp when they eat soup or drink something. Is that a deal breaker?

Would you want to be with someone who wakes up early or stays up late?

How important is it that your significant other likes all the same things as you?

Traveling can be stressful, but incredibly rewarding. What do you love most about it?

If you have to move at the drop of a hat and could only take one thing with you, what would you take?

What would your friends say is your "type"?

Would you change anything about you to fit in a relationship?

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