What Number Matches Your Psychological Age?

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Your chronological age doesn't mean that much when you really think about it. All it means is that you were born at a certain time and have aged a certain number of years since. It has no bearing on how mature you are, the life experience you have, and even how smart you are. People develop at all different chronological ages, and people also work through different psychological ages differently. 

The study of psychology puts numbers on life stages, more so than specific ages. This is done because within each life stage is a range of ages that is unspecified. This means that you could be in a life range number vastly different than where you should be based on your chronological age. 

When you think about the life stages that are assigned numbers, it's kind of crazy. You learn to drive when you're 16, you go to college when your 18, you can drink at 21, and head into your career after that. That puts so much pressure on human beings to do things they might not be ready to do, or have to wait to do things they feel they could accomplish way earlier. Take this quiz to find out what number matches your psychological age!

At what age did you feel like you became an adult?

Do you think age is just a number?

When people ask you how old you are, do you tell them your real age?

Do you think that older people are automatically wiser?

When did you first consciously realize the world?

Where did you think you would be at the age you are now?

Why do you think people put so much pressure on themselves to be at certain life stages?

Who is closest to your age that is at a completely different life stage than you?

Do you find yourself comparing your accomplishments to others?

How do you deal with people telling you that you're either too old or too young to do something?

Where do you stand politically?

Technology advances almost every day, it seems. Do you use it much?

How well would you say your style fits the persona you want to display?

Are you forgetful?

Is it important to you to treat customer service workers well?

Have you prepared for retirement?

When you sit down to watch some tv, why type of show are you putting on?

Whether you're dating, married or something else, what is your idea of the perfect date?

Having money is great, though not necessary to a full life. If you did have unlimited funds, what would you do?

What does the phrase "spice of life" mean to you?

If you were approaching, or feeling like you were approaching, a mid-life crisis, what would your big purchase be?

Do you understand a lot of the celebrities these days?

When it comes to having kids, when is the right time?

Careers are nice, but are they everything?

Is there a hobby you love that doesn't necessarily match your chronological age?

If there was a time of day that fit your personality, what time would it be?

How would someone who's only known your for 5 minutes describe you?

Did you fit in well with other kids your age?

Could you survive being your age in the early 1900s?

If you could be any age, what age would you be?

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