What % Optimist Are You?

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Optimism is not so much an outlook as a philosophy. Optimists are not especially lucky or deluded. Optimists just see opportunities where others do not. They understand on a visceral level that every downturn has its upside, that a rising tide raises all ships, and that tomorrow can always be better than today, even and perhaps especially when today wasn't great.

Being an optimist has been shown to have tangible health and relationship benefits. Even some professions tend to be full of optimists. Entrepreneurs, for example, have to be optimists almost by definition. Imagine starting a new business, putting all your life savings into it, begging and borrowing from friends, family, strangers, taking out loans against your house, all the while believing the business will fail. Clearly, optimism makes more sense in that situation. The people who make the biggest changes in the world thus tend to be optimists who think their big idea is the one that will succeed.

While not all optimists are right 100% of the time, on balance, the outlook has proven a practical utility in navigating the world, both professionally and personally. Optimists tend to be happier and healthier, whereas pessimists and self-described realists can somatize their stress, ending up with sore necks, rashes and nails bitten to the quick.

So what percent optimist are you? We can discover it for you. Take this quiz and find out!

How did you do in college, socially speaking?

How do you feel when you open the paper in the morning?

Do people often turn to you for emotional support?

How lucky are you?

How quickly do you get promoted at work, in relation to the average?

How are your old injuries these days?

How do you feel about your friends from high school?

Where do you like to go on vacation?

Do you think you'll ever have your dream job?

How often do you go to the doctor for regular visits?

How often do you put money aside, not for retirement, but just for a little treat down the road?

How often are you pleasantly surprised by your friends?

When you were a kid, did you get away with shenanigans?

How did you do in college, academically speaking?

Do you play any sports?

Which of these games would you opt to play?

How do you feel when you visit the doctor?

Do you ever buy lottery tickets?

What do you think when you see you have a bunch of mail?

What is your immediate reaction when your phone rings?

How do you feel about airports?

How do you feel when you're about to make a major purchase, like buying a car?

How do you feel when confronted with a large restaurant menu?

Which of these is most like your dream job?

How active are you in planning for your retirement?

What holiday trip is on your bucket list?

Are you happy with your job?

Have you ever entered a raffle?

How do you feel when you have a major argument with your significant other?

Do you consider yourself an optimist?

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