What Percentage Bill Nye Are You?

Tori Highley

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About This Quiz

With his catchy intro song and fun experiments, Bill Nye the Science Guy was the salve of science class. While allowing science teachers everywhere to catch up on grading, Mr. Nye brought an enthusiasm for science that our elementary and middle school teachers had a hard time mustering. 

With a sense of entertainment that droll scientists generally lack, Bill Nye the Science Guy packed his shows filled with punny wordplay and slapstick comedy to keep us awake in our darkened classrooms and warm TV dens. His show made science exciting and fun, helping dispel the idea that science was boring and unimaginative. His work has inspired many of our current scientists, thanks to his dedication to making science fun. 

Many kids wished they could grow up to be Bill Nye the Science Guy. Others just wanted to become scientists. Bill Nye was a fantastic inspiration to kids everywhere, and he was bound to have a big impact on you as well! Whether you still watch reruns of his show by yourself or just think science is really cool, you can discover how big of an impact this show has had on you. 

Our quiz shows you what percentage Bill Nye the Science Guy you really are. Take our quiz to find out how much you still think science rules!

Which science field are you most interested in right now?

Which recent scientific discovery did you find most important?

Which kitchen chemistry experiment is your favorite?

Which rocky planet is your favorite?

Which unit of distance do you prefer?

What would you rather drink coffee out of?

Which law of nature do you think is most important?

Which hobby do you think uses the most science?

Which light phenomena is your favorite?

If you could work for NASA, what would you do?

Which technology company would you rather work for?

Who is your favorite living scientist other than the Science Guy?

Which scientist-based show do you like the most?

If your back hurt, who would you consult first?

What do you drink in the morning to get ready and pumped for science?

Which region of the United States would you rather live in?

Which chemical process is your favorite?

Where do you post cool science facts online?

Do you follow legislation changes about technology and science?

Which moon do you think is the coolest in our solar system?

Which famous inventor would you love to have dinner with?

What kind of wave gets you most excited?

Which book about scientists was most inspiring to you?

Which gaseous planet is your favorite?

What do you read your science news on?

Which tool from the past would you want to own?

Which science-dependent hobby do you love?

How is light-year supposed to be used?

Which appliance in your house are you most grateful for?

Which subject were you best at in high school?

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