Quiz: What Pet and Predator Combination Reflects Your Light and Dark Sides?
What Pet and Predator Combination Reflects Your Light and Dark Sides?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: D E N N I S A X E R Photography/Moment/GettyImages; A J Withey/Moment/Gettyimages

About This Quiz

For the most part, if you have a pet, it's probably not the most intimidating animal in the world. Even if it's meant to be intimidating, there's a good chance you still snuggle with it and call it cutesy names and stuff and it just ruins the whole mystique it has in front of others.  Unless you have a pet gator or something, but if that's the case we're really starting off on the wrong foot here.

Basically what we're trying to establish here is that the animal kingdom is a lot like the world of humans. You have the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the terrifying and the cuddly. You know, like great white sharks and bunnies!

So here's the thing. Of course you have a dark side, and of course, it's pretty much the same as one of the most terrifying predators on earth.  But also you have a light side, and it's just an adorable, cuddly pet that anyone would love to have. The question is how to figure out who's who. And we have the answer! Take the quiz and tell us about those light and dark proclivities and we'll figure out just what pet and predator combo you truly are!

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What's the smallest thing other people do that makes you angry?

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What do you do to keep yourself amused when you're all by yourself?

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How often do you tell little white lies in your everyday life?

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Have you ever honked at another driver just because they were annoying you?

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Everyone loves The Rock. Which Rock character speaks to you the most?

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If you were going to master a fighting style, what would it be?

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Have you ever found yourself in a physical altercation with another person?

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Are you the kind of person who can tell someone else that you love them easily?

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What Marvel supervillain do you relate to the most?

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What's your favorite cartoon animal?

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Have you ever gotten into a flame war situation with a stranger on the internet?

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If a friend of yours is down, what do you do to bring them back up again?

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What time of day do you feel most energized?

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If you were going to have a superpower, what power would it be?

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