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How green is your garden? Does your latest home improvement help or hurt the planet? Do you know how your home truly affects the environment? Take this quiz to learn more about what really makes a green home green!

Does a bamboo floor make my home green?

Bamboo flooring is a popular alternative to traditional hardwood flooring since it's a more readily renewable natural resource. In some cases, though, it's more environmentally sound to refinish an old floor than to replace it with bamboo.


Will an instant water heater make my home green?

While so-called "instant" water heaters use less electricity than their counterparts, it's best to pair them with low-flow shower heads and faucets to get the most benefit.


Does my home's location have anything to do with how green it is?

The way a home is situated on a plot of land can greatly affect its energy efficiency. You should consider prevailing winds, the path of the sun over the site and the natural flow of rainwater when designing a green home.


I live in a condo; can I do anything to make my home more green?

While residents in duplexes or apartment-style condominiums may face more restrictions, steps such as improving window seals and installing better insulation can still make their homes more environmentally friendly.


Can I afford to make my home green?

While the sky -- and your budget -- are truly the limits when making your home green, some improvements to save energy, such as conducting an energy audit, can be very inexpensive.


My Victorian home has beautiful, but very old, windows. Can I make them more efficient?

Old windows add tremendous character to a house, but they often leak air. Installing high-efficiency storm windows can improve your energy efficiency while maintaining the classic look.


Should I buy an old home if I want a green home?

While restoring an old home to a high level of efficiency may take more time and money than a traditional rehabilitation, it's possible, and in many cases it helps preserve history while reducing energy use. Go for it!


What's one thing that makes Thomas Jefferson's historic home, Monticello, green?

Before the days of complex geothermal and solar-panel systems, architects knew how to take advantage of the sun. At Monticello, smart placement of windows and skylights creates a passive-solar heating and lighting system.


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