What Rare Breed of Dog Guards Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

If you are fortunate enough to have a dog in your life, it's statistically the most likely, if you are an American, that your dog is a Labrador. This intelligent, loyal, handsome breed is the most popular dog in America, and deservedly so, as it is a good balance of traits. This also means that this is the breed of dog that the highest number of people would like to have as a guardian angel, a role that it would, no doubt, be absolutely delighted to fulfill.

However, not everyone is a Labrador person, and even those who have one in real life might prefer a different sort of spirit dog, as it were. There are so many breeds out there, after all, and they all have very different things to offer! It's wise to consider other options than simply the usual suspects, as you might find one that is the perfect fit for you.

This quiz will help you figure out which of four unusual breeds might make the perfect guardian for you - and perhaps if you like the look of them, you'll find a physical version to join you in the real world. It's time to get started!

Do you love to hunt?

What climate suits you best?

Do you need people around you to set strong boundaries?

Do you love to snuggle?

What kind of facial hair suits you, or would suit you if you were someone who grew it?

Do you like to attract attention?

Are you a natural leader?

Do you tend to like strangers?

Do you have a strong herding instinct?

How's your driving?

Have you ever been homeless?

Do you ever think you have a worse reputation than you deserve?

How old is your traceable family tree?

Are you a self-made person?

What's the hair on the top of your head like?

Would you love to live on the farm?

How long is your torso, as part of your body?

What dog movie do you love?

Who do you love to hang out with?

Be honest: did you ever bully another kid growing up?

What vacation would you like?

What do you drive?

How important is money?

What is the biggest problem facing the world, in your view?

What hobby do you enjoy most?

Do you like kids?

How do you get your news?

What time of day is best for a nap?

How long are your legs?

What team sport are you best at?

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