What Sandwich Are You?

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If you think about it, life is a lot like a sandwich.

There are many different parts and layers, but you also have a choice in how much complexity you want. Each part of the world has their own distinct take on sandwiches — some are made with spice and seasoning, while others are simple and traditional, paying homage to the generations that came before.

Some sandwiches are agreeable — they go along great with companions, most notably potato chips, french fries, cole slaw and other popular lunch items. Other times, we simply want to sit back and enjoy the sandwich on its own, just like some of the best moments in our lives.

If it is true that life is like a sandwich, it follows that our choices in sandwiches say a lot about who we are. After all, life is nothing but a series of decisions that we all make every day, some big, some small. We choose what to wear, what to eat for dinner, which partners to settle down with, and what kind of jobs we want to pursue, just like we choose our bread, dressing, cheese and sandwich side.

So we thought about it and figured it would be fun to tell you about what kind of sandwich best matches your personality. Or maybe we were just hungry. Either way, get yourself through this quiz, and we'll reveal the sandwich that totally represents you, in meat-and-cheese-between-bread form. 

Besides your choice of sandwich, picking a career is another major definition of who you are. What's your current job?

Fitness is an important part of life — almost as important as sandwiches. How active are you?

If you could live in any part of the United States, where would you choose?

At their core, sandwiches are just a few really good pairs of ingredients. Which of these ways would you choose to find your other half, a romantic partner?

Just like we don't all like the same foods, we all have certain things that annoy us. What's your pet peeve?

Music and food are two of the best things in life. Which kind of musical instrument embodies you as a person?

How would you react to catching someone stealing something from you?

With this being a quiz about sandwiches, we have to ask — what's the perfect side to go with your sandwich of choice?

On an average day, what kind of outfit are you probably wearing?

It's something we all pursue, often through sandwiches — what do you think is the key to happiness?

Which of these positive traits do most people associate you with?

Besides being crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside every time, which superpower would you choose?

There are few better places to enjoy a sandwich than a sporting event. What's your favorite sport?

Do you think sandwiches should ever be eaten with a fork?

What's the ideal setting to chow down on your favorite sandwich?

You're getting together with friends for a Saturday night hangout. What are you guys most likely to be doing?

How often do you worry about things going wrong in your life?

If there was one emotion that would describe you, what would it be?

Are you the type of person who gets things done right away, or procrastinates?

You're at a big party where you don't know many people. What are you doing?

How long does it typically take you to make a decision?

You're having a relaxing night at home. What's your chill-mode activity of choice?

There are so many ways to check in with people, but what's your favorite method of communication?

How close are you with your parents?

Do you think it's important for people to be artistic?

Which of these is the most impressive physical accomplishment?

The people we associate with are like the sides we get with a sandwich — they define us. How would you describe your social circle?

How much money do you think it would take for you to be happy?

It's not quite as good as a sandwich, but it may be a close second — what's your favorite type of ice cream?

Let's say you weren't allowed to eat a sandwich — crazy, we know! What's your second-favorite food?

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