What Should Be Your Go-To Summer Lewk?

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Summer is many people's favorite season. If you're the kind of person who thrives in hot and humid weather, then you absolutely need the perfect summer clothes to combat the heat. Pants get shorter, sleeves disappear and bathing suits become an acceptable thing to go to Walmart in. But with so many influencers and styles out there, it's hard to know which look to make your staple for the summer. Other seasons have this problem, too, and figuring out how you feel about clothes, weather, and life, in general, will greatly help determine which outfit you should be wearing all season long.

You might be asking yourself how. We get it. But think about it. There's something so distinctive about the summer clothes that people wear. You have your preppy style with chino shorts and button down sleeveless shirts, Lily Pulitzer dresses and Vineyard Vines pullovers for chilly nights. Then you have the California style of cutoff denim shorts, a white t-shirt or bikini top and sandals in which they can walk miles. Which one are you? Or are you something else entirely? Take this quiz now, and we'll tell you what should be your go-to summer lewk!

Do you always dress for the weather or do you wear whatever you want?

If you have an outfit planned out and you don't feel like wearing it, what do you do?

At which stores are you shopping for your summer look?

Is your summer wardrobe larger than that of all the other seasons?

Do your plans for the day impact what you wear?

What would you wear to a summer wedding?

Do you have a favorite shoe that your outfit has to work with?

Is there a certain look you're going for this summer?

How long do you want it to take you to get ready?

When you're headed to the beach, what kind of bathing suit are you rocking?

Where's your favorite place to hang out in the summer?

Do you have a color that you can't get enough of in the warm weather months?

Would you live in a place that was summer all year round like parts of California or Florida?

Which summer season reality show would you want to be on?

What would you wear to a summer concert?

On a typical summer night, what can you be found doing?

Do you have one summer food that you could eat every day?

Is there a staple drink that you're washing it all down with and trying not to spill on your outfit?

What are you most likely to be doing on a day at the beach?

Do you look forward to a summer vacation every year?

When it's not summer, what can you be found wearing?

Which dessert is a must have at any good cookout?

Is there a style that just screams summer to you?

What are you wearing to a family pool party?

Would you say you're more of a pool person or a beach person?

You're allowing yourself to buy one new thing for summer. What is it?

Do you have any fun plans this summer?

Is summer the season in which you feel most like yourself?

How do you describe your summer style overall?

Is there anything you would never be caught wearing in the summer?

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