What Should Your Animagus Form Be?

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About This Quiz

In the wizarding world, there are creatures known as Animagi (plural). They are witches and wizards who possess the magical skill and prowess that allows them to turn into animals at will. Will you be a cat, like Professor McGonagall, or something eerier like the Grim, as Sirius was once called? The only way to find out is to take this quiz. 

Similar to most things in the magical world- like the wand choosing the wizard- one cannot choose which animal he or she will become. The animal an Animagus transforms into is chosen for them, and is closely tied to their personality. So because Wormtail was a sneaky coward, he transformed into a rat, whereas Sirius was loyal and fierce, which is why he got a dog. Most people confuse Animagus forms with corporeal Patronuses. While everyone can have a Patronus, although it is complex magic, not everyone has the skill to be able to turn into an animal. Also, your Patronus and Animagus form may not necessarily be the same animal, although it is for most witches and wizards. So after holding a Mandrake leaf in your mouth for a month straight, which animal will you become? Get started on this quiz if you want to find out. 

Which word best describes you?

What are your favorite color schemes?

Which of these elements speaks to you the most?

Which season is your favorite?

What is the most important thing to you?

How do your friends see you?

How many friends do you have?

Which of these traits do you appreciate the most?

In your free time, which of these would you do?

If you had to choose one superpower, what would you choose?

What kind of animals do you like?

What would you use your animagus form for?

If you were an animal, where would you want to live?

Finish the line. Rules were made to be…

Which Hogwarts House would you be in?

Where would your favorite place in Hogwarts be?

Which of these Harry Potter locations would you most like to visit?

Which store/building in Diagon Alley would you own?

Which spell is your favorite?

Which coveted position at Hogwarts would you have?

Which class would you most want to take?

Who’s your favorite Hogwarts professor?

Which of the Marauders would you be?

What magical job would you have?

What would your Patronus be?

Which magical creature fascinates you the most?

Which Harry Potter adult do you admire the most?

Which of these people do you think you’d get along with the most?

Which Harry Potter character do you hate the most?

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you want?

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