What Should Your Family Coat of Arms Be?

Zoe Samuel

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Whether your motto is some fine Latin phrase about honor, or simply your favorite rap lyrics, your family needs a coat of arms to symbolize its values. What's yours?

What is your family known for?

When did you come to America?

Who are your enemies?

What is your motto?

How artistic is your family?

What sitcom describes your family?

Which real-life royal house do you swear fealty to?

Which Game of Thrones house would you swear fealty to?

Were your ancestors sailors?

Did they overcome great hardship?

Did they mostly live in the city?

Does your clan embrace modernity?

What is your weapon of choice?

Do you light the way for future generations?

Do you know who your ancestors are?

What is your title?

What is your honorific, as in "Alexander the Great?"

What is your quest?

What did your most shameful ancestor do to dishonor your house?

Has your family ever fled its ancestral homeland?

By what form of transport did your family first come to America?

What is your family's biggest secret?

What animal do you feel represents your family?

What is your family drink?

Which holiday does your family celebrate most lavishly?

Did your family ever fight on the losing side of a war?

You have been offered the opportunity to marry into a great American House. Which house shall you choose?

You have to put a city to the sword in order to achieve an extra layer of gloss on your coat of arms. Which city do you massacre?

Which secret society is your family affiliated with?

Which English King Henry sired your scandalous illegitimate ancestor?

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