What Should Your Next Hairstyle Be?

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About This Quiz

Everyone knows that hair is an essential part of anyone's overall style and look. A haircut can transform your entire appearance, helping to make it whatever you want it to be. Whether you favor an edgy grunge look, something more polished, or something more masculine or feminine, your hair is a great way to achieve it. Your hair can tie into your entire personality, and even change the look of your face itself. There are all kinds of tricks to using your haircut to highlight your best facial features. 

Hair can be a big part of our identity, which is why making big changes can sometimes be difficult. Some celebrities are even known specifically for different hairstyles, and many people tend to keep the same looks for years and years. While that works for some people, others like to change their hair color and style all the time. We all have a friend who seems to have a different hair color every time we see them! Whether they go for bold blues or oranges or switch between shades of brunette, the change is what makes it fun! If you are thinking of maybe switching things up and want to know what your next hairstyle should be, try out this quiz! 

Do you prefer your hair long or short?

Which up-do do you like best?

What would you rather be for Halloween?

Which would you rather wear?

How long do you spend on your hair most days?

Do you like the distressed clothing trend?

Are you into messy and undone hairstyles?

Which style icon do you like most?

Which hair tools do you use most often?

Which lip product do you prefer?

How edgy is your style?

Which of these have you done to your hair most?

What would you say your hair looks like?

Are you a fan of braided hairstyles?

Which hair trend do you like least?

Have you ever tried to cut your own hair?

Do you like bangs for yourself?

How do you like your hair?

Which '90s hair trend do you miss most?

Would you ever opt for an asymmetrical hairstyle?

Which hair texture do you wish you had naturally?

Do you ever put your hair up?

How much of a romantic are you?

Your ideal hairstyle would be most appropriate at:

What length of hair do you like on you?

Which '80s hair trend would you love to rock?

How do you feel about flower crowns?

How short would you feel comfortable going?

Which unnatural hair color would you be least likely to choose for yourself?

Do you like to wear messy buns?

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