What Should Your Werewolf Name Be?

Mark Lichtenstein

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If you're a werewolf, you can't just go by "Jeff the Werewolf," can you? You need a name that inspires fear and awe, and most of all, reflects the sort of hairy monster you are. So what are you waiting for? Let's find out your name!

How hairy are you in your human form?

Are you allergic to silver?

Do you fear vampires?

Who is your natural ally?

Do you change on the full moon or on full and gibbous moons?

Do you have any particular reaction to lunar eclipses?

Have you ever remembered what you did during your wolf phase?

Do you remember how you became a wolf?

Do you go full wolf, or more of a sort of hybrid creature?

Do you have any other werewolf friends?

Have you ever killed an innocent person during the change?

How painful is the change for you?

Do you see your wolf nature as a curse or a blessing?

What’s the best thing about being a werewolf?

What’s the worst thing about being a werewolf?

Do your parents know about your werewolf nature?

How long have you been a werewolf?

Do you ever seek a “cure” for being a werewolf?

Does the portrayal of werewolves in media strike you as inaccurate?

Which on-screen werewolf is the best one?

Be honest: do you think "Twilight" is ridiculous?

Have you ever thought about monetizing your werewolf nature by putting on a show?

If you saw a loved one while you were in your change, would you know it was them?

Does your werewolf nature ever come out in the day?

Do you chain up the wolf or let it run free?

Have you got a private room in your house to change in?

How long into a relationship do you tell partners about your wolf side?

Does being a werewolf run in the family?

Do you have any particular skills due to being a wolf, like special hearing or strength?

Do you think being a wolf is good for your health, generally speaking?

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