What Sport Should You Play in High School?

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Everyone's pushing the extracurriculars at school, which can get pretty tiresome after a while. But if we're straight up, high school sports can't actually help make your time in school go by a lot faster. And who knows? Maybe you become the GOAT at football and net yourself a scholarship. It's possible. Why bother just doing class day in and day out when you can get time off for practice, maybe take a trip out of town to playing in some tournaments and, if nothing else, snag yourself another jacket you can wear when it gets a little breezy out? There are more upsides to high school sports than downsides for sure. You have a built-in crew of people who you know who share your interests, and if you guys do good, you basically become school heroes. That's pretty cool. 

OK, so you're sold on the idea of playing some sports; now we just need to know what sport. You can't just walk onto any field or court and be Odell or LeBron. You need to be smart about it and play to your strengths. So let's find out who you are and what you're into, then pick the perfect sport for you. It'll be easy; take the quiz and see!

So right off the bat, do you and your friends play a lot of sports in your spare time right now?

What are the odds you could make it as a pro athlete?

Let's say you have no plans at all today. You're not just going to veg out and do nothing, are you? What's good?

Some sports rely on teamwork more than others. Can you share the spotlight or not?

They say winning isn't everything, but it is for some people. How competitive are you?

What's the best part of the Superbowl?

Do you feel like some sports are taken more seriously at school than others?

Have you ever felt like your parents were forcing you into a sport?

Some sports are really big in the U.S., and some definitely aren't. Which of these sports seems coolest to you?

Do you feel like playing a sport will help your social life or hurt it?

Has anyone ever accused you of being a jock?

So for real, what's the coolest sports movie ever made?

Take your time with this if you need to. Is WWE wrestling actually a sport?

When the Olympics roll around every four years, do you watch them?

How often do you go see live sports events, either professional or amateur?

A lot of people say pro athletes have to be role models. Do you think that's true?

So are e-sports really sports?

Some pro athletes are just hauling in the cash. Do you think any athlete is worth $20 million a year?

If you have to be in the stands watching instead of on the field playing, then you need snacks! What stadium food are you getting hangry for?

How good are you at balancing your school work and your social life?

So, uh, how are your grades?

K, so you have a spare period around lunchtime. Are you eating cafeteria food?

Are you aiming to get a scholarship for college based on your athletic ability?

So what show about high school life is the most inaccurate?

No one is good at everything, probably. Which of these games is the absolute worst?

All things being equal, does a sport need to have a ball to be a real sport or not?

The weather can really mess up your game. What's the best winter sport?

Can you even get pumped for a game without music? What's the best sports jam?

Who's the greatest athlete of all time?

Any good athlete needs a nickname, right? Pick yours!

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