What State Best Fits Your Personality?

Allison Lips

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The United States is over 3.5 million square miles. There is an incredible amount of diversity in geography and people. Someone who thrives in New York could be completely lost in Kansas, while many Floridians find they don't know what to do with themselves in Alaska. However, it's always possible that the state you live in doesn't match up with your personality. There are plenty of people from the Midwest who find that California calls their name, so they move to Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco. There are also plenty of people from Texas who find that Chicago or New York feels more like home than Austin or Houston. 

While many states are known for specific cities or certain types of scenery, it is a mistake to assume that each state is a homogeneous piece of land. Upstate New York is nothing like New York City. The Florida Keys bear little resemblance to Orlando. In the space between massive cities, there are acres of farmland, small towns you've never heard of before and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. 

Whether you are a big-city person or prefer to spend time outdoors, we'll let you know which state matches your personality. Find out where in the United States you should call home! 

It's your best friend's first time in New York City - where are you taking them?

You're tasked with cooking dinner. What are you serving your family?

On Friday nights, where do you and your friends hang out?

How would your high-school teachers describe you?

You're spending the night alone. How are you passing the time?

If you could visit anywhere in the United States, what location would you visit?

When choosing a place to live, it is important for you to have which of the following?

You're starring in a TV show! What genre is the theme song?

Your family would know something was wrong if you left the house without which item?

When you go to the mall, what is the first store you stop at?

You're rocking out in the car - which song is blasting from the speakers?

Which game show would you audition to be a contestant on?

Your wardrobe wouldn't be complete without which piece of clothing?

Which quote sums up your philosophy on life?

Which trait do you wish more people had?

If you had to watch only one professional sport, which would it be?

How long could you go without a cell phone?

If space wasn't an issue, what type of pet would you have?

What type of aircraft are you most comfortable on?

Which "Star Trek" character do you most identify with?

How long is too long to wait before answering an email?

Which piece of exercise equipment are you most likely to have in your house?

Which college major appeals to you the most?

Every month you pay extra for which service?

You're most likely to join a Facebook group dedicated to which topic?

Which activity are you most likely to volunteer for?

You're exploring a foreign country. How are you taking in the sights?

Which type of shoes do you wear on your days off?

What food are you most likely to eat for breakfast?

Which venue do you feel the least comfortable at?

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