What State Matches Your Soul?

Lauren Lubas

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An integral element of the human condition is that we often have underlying feelings or instincts that affect nearly every portion of our lives. If we ignore these instincts, things start to feel "off." Maybe you're a little extra clumsy when you normally have the agility of a cat injected with caffeine. Maybe you feel like you don't belong, no matter what you do. When you find yourself where you don't belong, but you aren't exactly sure why, you can start looking for answers in the instincts and feelings that you've been ignoring. 

Where we live is a major factor in how we perceive the world, how we interact with others socially, and how we understand ourselves. That's not to say that everyone should be living in California; however, if everyone figures out where they belong based on their personal needs, they can find exactly what puts those little instincts and feelings at peace, balancing their lives to help them focus on what is important with a clear head. For all you know, your soul is bound to a completely different state... maybe even one that you've never been to. That soul of yours yearns for more (or less), and your instincts are trying to tell you something. If you're having trouble finding the place where you fit in, answer these questions, and we'll tell you all about your soul state. 

Of these foods, which would you rather have?

The tornado sirens are going off. Which of these best fits your initial reaction?

Which of these seems like heaven on Earth?

You're having friends over. Which of these best describes how you prepare?

Your neighbors are having a loud party. What do you do?

In which of these driving conditions are you LEAST comfortable driving?

How do you feel about paying your taxes?

Which of these activities would you rather do?

You're about to take a drive. What do you want to see through your windshield?

If you were asked to describe your perfect neighborhood, which of these would be the closest answer?

What is your favorite booth at the state fair?

Where is the best place to get fruit?

When someone asks you if you want children, which of these is closest to your response?

A typical night out for you can be best described as...

Of these, what industry do you feel best suits your abilities?

Which of these natural disasters are you LEAST afraid of?

Which of these best describes your happy place?

How would you describe your driving skills?

A Girl Scout knocks on your door, attempting to sell cookies. What is your first reaction?

What is your favorite art medium?

If you are out taking a walk, which of these would you most like to see?

What is your favorite accessory for your dog?

Your friend calls and says she wants to bring you to a party where you don't know anyone. Which of these is closest to your response?

For the holidays, what are your normal plans?

Not including this quiz, what is on your reading list right now?

How do you feel when you see rain?

What do you think of when you think of your favorite comfort food?

Which of these would be your ideal employer?

How big is your dream home?

When your family comes to visit you, what do you usually have planned?

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