What State Matches Your Temperament?

Brian Whitney

Image: Wiki Commons by Dan Keck from Ohio

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Your temperament is just a tad different than your personality. While your personality can shift and change over time, your temperament is really your true nature. For example, you might be showing a side of yourself at a party that is outgoing and chill, while inside you're totally nervous. Your temperament is who you really are.

You might be lucky enough to be born in a place that suits your temperament, or maybe you were brought up in a place that doesn't suit your vibe at all. Are you the type that always is looking for something to do, the type that wants the constant stimulation you might get in the big city, or are you looking for peace and tranquility? If you love living near the ocean, do you want it to be filled with people, with a whole bunch of bars and restaurants nearby, or do you want the beach all to yourself?

Someone who has a temperament to live in New York City is probably not going to like living in Arkansas a whole lot, and the same holds true in reverse. Take this quiz and we'll tell you which state matches your temperament best. Get ready to pack your bags. 

It's a huge blizzard out there, how do you feel about it?

What kind of footwear do you wear on an average day?

You have to go a couple miles to meet a friend and it's nice out, how do you get there?

You're relaxing on your back deck when you see a snake. What is your reaction?

How do you feel when you're trying to get somewhere and tourists are making it difficult?

How nervous do you get when you're outside in the pitch dark?

Do you enjoy going out in the woods and hunting game?

What sounds fabulous for dinner this evening?

You were just approached by a homeless man asking for money, what do you do?

What sounds like a nice way to spend a summer day if you want to relax?

Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker on a deserted road?

How often do you wave at total strangers?

How soothing is the beach to your soul?

Do spend a lot of the day laughing with your friends?

When was the last time anyone called you a hipster?

Have you ever dreamed of being a famous actor?

Stephen King is one of the world's most famous authors. How into him are you?

What kind of bread do you want with your dinner?

Everyone likes pizza, but what do you want on yours?

What music do you jam out to while stuck in a traffic jam?

Who is your favorite white rapper of all time?

How addicted are you to spending time on your smartphone?

How much money do you need to make a year to be satisfied?

How important is family to your daily life?

How much do you absolutely love avocado?

Which television show would you most like to watch if you were home sick?

How often a day do you get totally stressed right out?

What would you rather have, a highway going past your front door or a two-mile long driveway?

Dogs are cool, how many dogs do you have right now?

Hey Bro, how many times do you say "dude" a day?

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