What Tattoo Matches Your Personality?

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People have been getting tattoos for literally thousands of years. Who first stumbled on the idea we'll never know, but it's a tradition that has spanned the globe and inspired numerous styles and techniques.  People love body art, and there are so many incredible artists doing it out there.  If you can imagine it, someone can tattoo it on your body for you. 

The hardest thing about getting a tattoo is deciding what tattoo to get. Or, well, maybe it's the pain, if that's not something you handle well. But even before the pain is the decision-making process.  With so many styles, colors, locations and artists to choose from, it can be daunting to even start. But you should start! If you love tattoos, why not get one to start? Show the world something that offers a glimpse into who you really are and how you feel. It's a fun, creative way to carry a piece of yourself on the outside, so long as it's done the way you want it done.

So how do you pick the right tattoo? Answer these questions about yourself honestly and we'll let you know just what kind of tattoo you should be getting! Roll up your sleeves!

What style of tattoo really speaks to you?

What's the best place on your body to get a tattoo?

Where would you never, ever get a tattoo on your body?

If you were getting someone's named tattooed on you, where would you get it?

What's the most underrated style of tattooing out there?

What's a good place on the body to get your first tattoo?

Tattoo TV is big business these days. What's the best tattoo show out there?

What kind of gimmick tattoo seems the coolest?

Which of these traditional tattoo images would you most likely get?

What do you think is the most painful place to get tattooed that most people don't realize is painful?

How many tattoos do you have right now?

If you could have as many tattoos as you want, how many would you get?

Which celebrity has the best tattoos?

Which celebrity has the absolute worst tattoos?

What tattoo art style do you not want on your body?

Do you know what style of art American traditional is?

How many hours could you handle sitting for a tattoo?

Which TV tattoo artist would you most like to have ink you?

Do you like to show your tattoos off or keep them hidden?

What's the most important factor in deciding on a new tattoo?

Not everyone can sit for a tattoo. Can you handle the pain?

On what part of the body would someone have to be crazy to get a tattoo?

How much meaning does a tattoo need to have?

What's the absolute worst thing that could happen during your tattoo?

What kind of tattoo do you think is super-overrated?

How do you fix a bad tattoo?

What would you get tattooed across your knuckles?

What are your thoughts on coloring a tattoo?

For a while, people were getting paid to have corporate logos tattooed on themselves. What company logo would you get for the right price?

People always ask you to think about what a tattoo's going to look like when you're a grandparent. So what's your opinion going to be?

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