What Tattoo Perfectly Matches Your Personality?

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In recent decades, our culture went through a self-awareness and self-appreciation revolution. People started expressing themselves with more confidence, and they began to have higher self-esteem. We began to transition away from judging others based on their body types, clothing choices, and accessories. With this revolution, tattoos, piercings, and branding were no longer considered forms of mutilation; they became socially acceptable ways for people to express themselves.

While some circles still find these permanent body decorations a little taboo, we no longer live in a world where you hear, "If your tattoos are visible, you'll never find a job." As a matter of fact, most people who don't have tattoos can still appreciate the artistry and thought that goes into them. This shift in culture and societal norms means that virtually anyone can decorate his or her body to fit their personality. If you've been debating what tattoo to get, answer these questions to learn which type of tattoo perfectly matches your personality.

You're at the store, and you see a beautiful diamond ring. What is your first thought?

You see a girl with a tattoo of a sunflower on her cheek. What is your first thought?

You are late for work. What do you do?

You found $10 on the ground, what do you do?

Which of these accessories would you most likely buy?

Which of these articles of clothing would you be LEAST likely to wear?

How often do you go to dance clubs?

When it comes to buying a quality watch, what do you look for?

What is hanging on your wall right now?

What is in your car right now?

Which bumper sticker are you most likely to put on your car?

What is on your grocery list?

What is your favorite color?

How much jewelry do you wear when you go out?

What are your thoughts on nose piercings?

What is your budget for a tattoo?

How old are you?

Which of these is most important to you?

What does your Starbucks order look like?

Which of these artists do you like the best?

Your friend wants an expensive handbag for Christmas. What do you do?

Where would you place your tattoo?

Would your tattoo be colored or black and white?

In the future, if you don't like your tattoo anymore, what will you do?

If your tattoo fades, what will you do?

How are you around needles?

How clean is your house?

You have to decorate for a friend's birthday party. What do you do?

Which of these best describes you?

Which of these statements best describes you?

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